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Shark Fin Shops Try To Hide Their Trade

(ANIMAL NEWS) Shark fin traders have taken to the rooftops of Hong Kong to sun dry their product in an effort to avoid the opinions of the uneasy street public below, according to new photos taken by environmental campaigner Gary Stokes. But is the public scrutiny of tourists and locals the real reason these traders have made the move from the street to the roof? Despite the disbelief of the president of the Hong Kong Sharks Fin Trade Merchants Association, Stokes believes this to be true, as Hong Kong citizens have shown a decrease in their approval of this delicacy. Each year, around 75 million sharks are killed solely for their fins. Read more about this inhumane act and give us your opinion on why these traders have chosen to retreat to the rooftops in the comment section below. — Global Animal

EU Ends Shark Finning With Milestone Vote

(SHARK FIN) The cruel act of shark finning will no longer be tolerated in Europe, as the EU parliament officially banned the practice last week. With parliamentary approval, the measure will now hold strong and be enforced,  aiding in shark protection and preservation. Ocean conservationist groups around the world applaud the European efforts and hope other nations will follow suit. Read on to learn more about this favorable plan. — Global Animal

Costa Rica Bans Shark Finning For Good

(SHARK FIN) COSTA RICA - On Wednesday, President Laura Chinchilla signed a presidential decree banning the practice of shark finning, in which the fins are sliced off live sharks who are then tossed back into the ocean to die. The executive order also bans the importation and transportation of shark fins to and from Costa Rica. Under existing legislation shark finning itself had been banned in Costa Rica, but under a new decree loopholes allowing the transport and import of shark fins have been closed, fully banning the shark fin trade. Read on for more on this victory. — Global Animal

Shark Fins Not Allowed To Fly In Hong Kong

(ANIMAL TRADE) HONG KONG — The increasing demand for shark fin in China is contributing to the worldwide decline in the shark population. Hong Kong accounts for half of the global fin trade and last year approximately 10,000 metric tons were imported into the city. When Hong Kong's largest airline, Cathay Pacific, discovered that 13% of the commodity was transported in by cargo, the company released a ban on shark meat in their planes. The involvement of large corporations leading the way in conservation can redirect the world's many industries in a more animal-friendly direction. Read more to learn about the airline's philosophy. — Global Animal

Does The Legendary Shark Week Deceive You?

(SHARK NEWS) Over the years, Discovery Channel's Shark Week has gained millions of viewers and even stretched across seas. Most tune in for the thrill, but animal activists are worried if this negatively depicts our fish while straying from the terrible reality that humans kill tens of millions of sharks per year. Humans are rarely threatened by sharks, but a lot of the episodes from Shark Week largely focus on the aggressive nature of Great Whites, a type of shark that seldom mistakes humans for seals. While MythBusters does a fantastic job reminding us we are more likely to die from a Black Friday stampede or even a hotdog than from a shark attack, this is just one episode competing amongst 160 other. Read on to learn more about how the series could help sharks by highlighting the dangers we put them through. — Global Animal

China’s Shark Fin Feast Over At Official Banquets

(SHARK FIN SOUP) Last week, China announced it would prohibit shark fin soup from being served at official government banquets. Although the ban could take as many as three years to take effect, prohibiting this popular delicacy from such events is a step in the right direction for China, the main hub for the international trade in shark fins. Read on to learn how this ban could help endangered shark populations. — Global Animal

Biggest Exporter Of Shark Fins Establishes Ban

(SHARK FINNING) BELGIUM — The European Union is supporting a complete ban on the practice of removing sharks' fins. 75 million sharks die every year for the profit their fins fetch, and the EU has decided to stop the brutal practice of shark finning. The ban would force fishermen to dock with sharks that still have their fins attached. Read on for the details about how the EU is supporting shark populations. — Global Animal

New York Times Flip-Flops On Shark Fin

(SHARK FIN) The fight against shark finning has not only gained support, but people around the world are beginning to stop serving the controversial shark fin soup. The New York Times recently published a story about the potential bill banning the trade, sell, distribution, and possession of shark fins in New York. However, the same newspaper has another story published on their website: a recipe for shark fin soup! How hypocritical for a newspaper to publish both an article highlighting the continued slaughter of an endangered species, and a recipe that is responsible for the huge population decline. Read on for more. — Global Animal

Shark Fin Off The Menu In Chinese Hotels

(SHARK FIN SOUP) CHINA — Shangri-La Hotels, a major hotel chain in China, has taken shark fin soup off their menu for good. Since the peak of shark fin soup consumption is during the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival, their decision to take a step toward shark conservation right before the traditional celebration is profound. Not only does the hotel chain want to reverse the devastation of sharks killed for soup (36 million a year), Shangri-La hotels has also decided to begin phasing out Bluefin tuna and Chilean sea bass, both of which are highly endangered. Refusing to serve these three marine species will save thousands of fish, but equally as important, raise awareness and set an example to other hotels. Read more below for the full inspiring story! — Global Animal 

Hammerhead Sharks Up For Endangered Status

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/HAMMERHEAD SHARK) The hammerhead shark is finally being reviewed for the endangered species list. The shark, famous for its flat head, is often slaughtered for just its fins, which are a sought-after delicacy in certain countries, and is therefore vulnerable to exploitation. Read on to find out why the species is in peril and why it's important that it be put on the endangered list. — Global Animal

Toronto Bans Shark Fins

(SHARK FIN) TORONTO — Add Toronto to the list of cities against shark finning! Though in strong opposition by the city's Chinese community, Toronto city council recently voted overwhelmingly to ban the sale and possession of shark fins. Alongside Brantford, Oakville, and Mississauga, Toronto is the fourth city in Ontario to enact such a proposal. Read on for more details regarding the city's new ban and hopes for municipal cities. Perhaps revealing photos of the Chinese shark fin industry in action will cause other regions to follow in Toronto's footsteps. See how you can take action. —Global Animal

Shark Finning Photos Reveal Extreme Reality

(SHARK FINNING) TAIWAN — A recent investigation allowed Pew Environmental Group to gather shocking images of the Chinese shark fin industry in action. The photos reveal the process of the shark fin market from the boat to the processing plant with all showing a grueling display of cruelty to sharks.  Taiwan Fisheries Agency signed a ban on shark finning beginning next year. However, the irony of the ban allows sharks to still be hunted, yet fishermen are required to return to land with sharks' fins intact.  Too small a step toward ending this inhumane act? You decide. — Global Animal

World Bites Into Shark Conservation

(SHARK CONSERVATION) Shark fishing and finning account for more than 70 million shark deaths per year. People are a threat to sharks, but thanks to conservation efforts around the world, that is changing. Read on to learn more about the efforts being made to save sharks and what countries are leading the charge. — Global Animal

An Unlikely Friendship: Surfer and Shark

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) CALIFORNIA — Sometimes the most unlikely pairs lead to wonderful friendships: an orangutan and a bulldog , a baby pig and a rabbit, a fox and a hound, just to name a few. This was the case when a group of surfers helped a shark pup this weekend. Read on to learn how this baby shark isn't the only one that needs our help. And don't forget to share some of the unlikely animal friendships you've seen and heard about! — Global Animal