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Activists Thank ‘Apes’ Filmmakers At Premiere

(MOVIES/ANIMAL RIGHTS) HOLLYWOOD — In the midst of an increasing number of films featuring (and abusing) live animals, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" presents an advanced, animal-friendly alternative: technology. The movie's filmmakers believe animals like apes belong in the wild, not the entertainment industry. But not all filmmakers are so concerned with animal welfare. Find out what is being done to ensure the safety and proper care of animals on (and off) movie sets and why this goal is such a difficult one to accomplish. — Global Animal

Leopards, Panthers, Bear Saved From Luggage At Thai Airport

(WILDLIFE) The depth of sickness it takes to shove baby animals into luggage and hope they survive a 14-hour flight is hard to comprehend. All to populate some sheik's private zoo. This is a level of disconnect that's profoundly sad, and it doesn't bode well for the remaining large mammals on the planet. -- Global Animal

Top 10 Travel Adventures For Animal Lovers

(ECO-TOURISM) From swimming with dolphins (we're talking ocean expedition) to feeding lion cubs in South Africa, to caring for pandas in China, Global Animal uncovers ten utterly wild volunteer vacations for animal lovers. Check out these trips and let us know which travel adventures with animals you'd do in a heartbeat. -- Global Animal

New Preserve Allows Orangutans To Roam Free

Deforestation, slaughter, and the exotic pet trade: there exist many dangers for young Indonesian orangutans. Activists such as Birute Mary Galdikas have dedicated their lives to rehabilitating orphaned baby orangutans; however, resources are scarce, and there exist few safe places to release these primates. There is a glimmer of hope, though; read on to discover how a Hong Kong development company may give these captive orangutans a new life in the wild. — Global Animal