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Taiji ‘Fishermen’ Caught Killing 15 Pilot Whales In Dolphin Slaughter Cove

JAPAN – The first victims of the slaughter are 15 pilot whales that marine park trainers rejected. The 'fishermen'  tried to cover up the killings, illustrating that it's butchering business as usual in The Cove, except with a wider blood-soaked net.

Capt. Paul Watson: “We’re All Just Spaceship Passengers”

(VIDEO) In this new series of video interviews with Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson, the Captain draws an illustrative analogy that people are just passengers on a spaceship called Earth. Watson explains why 'popping the rivets' of the ship – or removing species from the planet, one by one – has disastrous implications for us all.


Captain Paul Watson: You Can Change The World

(SEA SHEPHERD/ANIMAL ACTIVISM VIDEO) In an interview with Global Animal, Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, reminds us that all great movements begin with individual action. -- Global Animal

Why The Taiji Slaughter Is About More Than Dolphins

(JAPAN DOLPHINS) Oscar-winning producer Fisher Stevens describes the changes to his worldview that culminated in the making of 'The Cove.' — Global Animal

Sanctuary? A Protected Area For Beluga Whales That Protects Oil Interests

(WHALES) OTTAWA - Can a protected area for beluga whales be truly protected if one percent of it is given to oil and gas interests for unlimited drilling exploration? Is an oil spill going to respect that imaginary line in the water? Or, even more laughably, does the idea that they'll be "exploring" when the beluga's are gone for the season make a difference? Doubtful, especially if the Beluga's return to the Beaufort Sea  to feed, socialize and raise their calves after an oil spill.

While Prime Minister Harper made a big show of creating a new protected area for Beluga whales, he quietly made a deal to allow drilling and oil exploration in one percent of the reserve. Let's hope the returning belugas don't come home to a sea as polluted with oil as the gulf has become due to BP's oil "exploration." We at Global Animal think this revised meaning for 'protected' is hypocritical and that oil companies should focus on cleaning up the gulf. Isn't pillaging the rest of the planet enough without encroaching on the earth's few sanctuaries? What do you think? — Global Animal

Careful What You Flush! Human Medicines Causing Resistant Bacteria in Sharks

(SEA/SHARKS) — Flush your antibiotics? Stop! Leftover medicines have been finding their way to the ocean and the sharks living there and are causing drug-resistant bacteria to evolve and multiply. — Global Animal

International Whaling Commission Weighs Renewed Whale Hunts

"Save the whales!" One of the earliest slogans of the environmental movement, it galvanized a generation of conservationists. Awe-inspiring behemoths that breached the ocean's...