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Shark Fin Soup Cools Down In China

(CULTURE) Shark fin soup has been considered a tasteless dish for a number of years now. Perpetuated by social and cultural pressures, the dish fuels a barbaric and wasteful practice where Chinese fishermen cut the fins off sharks, then throw the animals back into the ocean to die. Fortunately, China's acceptance of the practice may be changing. China is finally opening it's eyes beyond the scope of tradition as shark fin soup is not nearly as desired as it once was. Continue reading below to find out why China is turning its back on the consumption of shark fin soup. — Global Animal

Shark Fin Soup: Cruel And Toxic!

(SHARK FIN SOUP) Shark fin soup is obviously harmful for sharks, but new findings show consuming it is harmful to humans as well. Read on to find out more on dangerous toxins found in the soup!

New York Says No To Shark Fin Soup

(SHARK FINS) Legislators in Albany, New York announced a bill on Tuesday to end the sale, trade, possession, and distribution of shark fins. With bans passed last year in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington, New York will be the fifth U.S. state to end the market for this Chinatown delicacy, a dish that kills 73 million sharks every year. Read on for the response to this pending ban, and which states are taking on the cause. — Global Animal

Shark Fin Soup On The Verge Of Extinction (VIDEO)

(SHARK FINNING) California, one of the largest importers of shark fins outside of Asia, is seeking legislation that would make possessing, selling, and trading shark fins illegal. After a shark is captured and finned, the fish is immediately thrown back into the ocean and left to die. This has caused an outcry against shark fin soup and activism against restaurants selling the cultural Chinese dish. Read on for more regarding this legislation banning shark finning and the effects it may have on the Chinese community.  — Global Animal

Expensive Shark Fins, Chinese Delicacy, May Be Banned In California

California Says, “No Shark Fin Soup For You!”

CALIFORNIA — On Monday, California legislators introduced a bill aimed at fighting shark finning, a cruel and environmentally disastrous practice. If passed, California law will ban the sale of shark fins in the state. Read further to learn about the hot debate surrounding this potential victory for shark conservation. — Global Animal

NY Says ‘No (Shark Fin) Soup For You!’

(SHARK FIN SOUP) Due to depleting shark populations and the inhumane nature of shark finning, New York state has passed legislation to ban citizens from trading shark fins starting July 1st, 2014. Home to one of the nation's largest Chinatowns, shark fin soup is an upscale Chinese dish that has been slowly phasing out of restaurants in New York since other states began banning the traditional delicacy. Being the last major market for shark fin in the U.S., this ban will hopefully encourage China to take more serious action to reduce the demand for shark fin. Click the link below for more information regarding this huge win for sharks and how traditional Chinese restaurants plan to deal with this new law. — Global Animal

Singapore Airlines Cuts Out Shipping Shark Fins

(SHARKS/ACTIVISM) SINGAPORE — Effective August 1, Singapore Airlines will cease active involvement in the shipment of shark fins in response to a boycott, led by Alex Hofford of the environmental organization WildlifeRisk. Their decision closely follows that of the Philippine Airlines in April earlier this year. The world's seventh largest airline company, Singapore Airlines' resolution is a major stride towards shutting down the industry as a whole. Read the full article below for more details. —Global Animal

California Court Makes Waves, Upholds Shark Fin Ban

(SHARKS/SHARK FINNING) In a victory against the cruel practice of shark finning, U.S. District Judge William Orrick III of San Francisco upheld California's 2011 ban on the possession or sale of shark fins. The decision to uphold the law, despite opponents' claims that it discriminates against the Chinese community, continues the upward momentum against shark finning. In the last few years, the European Union, New York State, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and India have all banned shark finning, and even China has made moves against the practice. Read on to find out more about this big win for sharks in California. — Global Animal

China’s Changing Attitude May Save Sharks

(SHARKS/SHARK FIN SOUP) China recently relaxed its animal testing requirements for domestic cosmetic companies, and soon after, the country began cracking down on the illegal ivory trade. Now, the country's changing views on shark fin soup may save sharks from extinction. With an estimated 75 to 100 million sharks being killed every year, the mass slaughter of sharks for their fins has led some populations to decline by up to 98 percent in the last 15 years. Fortunately, the demand for shark fins is rapidly decreasing as new attitudes among Chinese citizens are changing for the better. Thanks to growing western condemantion and a Chinese government crackdown which banned the soup from all official banquets, shark fin prices have fallen by up to 30 percent in major fishing markets. Continue reading to learn how this widespread change in attitude may save sharks from extinction. — Global Animal

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Legal Loophole Swims Around Costa Rica Shark Fin Ban

(SHARKS/OCEANS) COSTA RICA — Shark fin soup has gained popularity in a variety of cultures, resulting in a major depletion in shark populations. India and Europe have made moves to ban shark finning in recent years, with several parts of the U.S banning the soup itself. When Costa Rica closed the loopholes on their shark finning ban last year, they were praised for their initiative to stop the practice entirely. But poachers recently discovered a new horrific legal loophole to get around the law. Read the article below for more on this evasive trick, and sign the petition urging Costa Rica to close the legal loophole that allows legal shark finning. — Global Animal

India Jumps Ship On Shark Finning

(SHARK FINNING/ANIMAL WELFARE) INDIA — Big news! After recently banning animal testing for cosmetics and shows featuring performing dolphins, India has now banned shark finning. With dozens of endangered shark species in Indian waters, the legislation is expected to help protect these threatened species and better monitor indiscriminate hunting. As the world's second-largest shark fishery—only second to Indonesia, India's bold decision to ban the cruel practice comes on the heels of the European Union's closing of several enforcement loopholes in existing shark fin legislation. Read on to learn how shark finning has pushed some shark populations to the brink of extinction, and see how conservationists are reacting to the radical ruling. — Global Animal

Shark Attack Survivors Unite to Save Sharks…Would You?

(ACTIVISM/ANIMAL CONSERVATION) There are many shark conservationists who protest shark finning and other forms of animal abuse, but this group's compassion is truly amazing. "Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation" has not only forgiven the species that left some of them maimed, but they've also become the shark's most passionate advocates. Read below for one survivor's horrendous ordeal and how she found the strength to move forward in such a positive way. — Global Animal

EU Slices Loopholes In Shark Finning Ban

(SHARK FINNING) Shark finning is gone for good in the European Union. Legislation banned the barbaric activity back in 2003, but loopholes have allowed shark finning to continue under certain circumstances. The popularity of shark fin products has been steadily declining as of late, even in China, a country whose traditions once revolved around the consumption of shark fin soup. Continue reading below to find out what pushed the EU’s decision forward. — Global Animal

Sharks Swarm Florida Beaches

(OCEANS) FLORIDA — Tens of thousands of sharks have recently been spotted along the Florida coastline. Beaches around the area have been closed while the sharks migrate north. This annual shark migration is taking place a little earlier than usual this year, and marine biologists may know why. Read on to learn more about this massive shark swarm. — Global Animal