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Hair Extensions For Birds? Badly Burned Bird Gets Faux Feather Wings

(ANIMAL RESCUE/BIRDS) A rare Carnaby cockatoo was seriously burned last month after his feathered friend suddenly exploded as they sat on a power line. Luckily for this little survivor, Peter Ricci from the Perth Zoo reconstructed the bird’s feathers using glue and matchsticks in a process called ‘imping.’ While this cockatoo (an endangered species) was severely injured, he is expected to make a full recovery, with hopes of eventually being returned to the wild. Please read on to find out more on this interesting procedure and how it was performed. -- Global Animal
Thousands of beautiful roosters lose their lives every week due to the increased demand for feather hair extensnions.

Feather Hair Extensions: Fashion Without Compassion

(ANIMAL WELFARE) – Thousands of roosters are killed for feather hair extensions every week. Popularized by Miley Cyrus and other celebrities, this fad kills animals for fashion. Wearing the remains of a dead chicken in one's hair simply isn't chic.

Ke$ha Ruffles Some Feathers

(CELEBRITY NEWS) American pop star Ke$ha is best known for her careless party girl image, but for a while now, the "Tik Tok" singer has been making a name for herself as an animal rights activist. Last year, the glitter-loving star urged fans to boycott Canadian seafood in order to help put an end to seal clubbing. She also wrote an open letter advocating for an international ban on cosmetic animal testing. On March 23, she will receive the distinguished Wyler award from the HSUS, which was previously given to Sir Paul McCartney, Hayden Panettiere, and other celebrity animal advocates. But many animal lovers are angered by the Humane Society's decision to award Ke$ha given her questionable past of wearing feathers and fur, as well as her offhand remarks regarding owning wild animals. Read on to find out why Ke$ha might not be the best candidate for this award — Global Animal

A Kind Gift: Tips For Compassionate Shopping

(SHOP CRUELTY-FREE/HUMANE SHOPPING) Compassion is in fashion now more than ever and shoppers are demonstrating their ethics and concern for animal welfare with their pocketbooks. Here are some great tips and surprising facts for gift-giving with heart and mindfulness. Also, find a compassionate pet store near you and click here for our complete list of companies that don't test on animals. — Global Animal

Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand: Save Ostriches From Slaughter!

(ANIMAL CRUELTY/OSTRICHES) It may be time to rethink your next designer handbag purchase. For years, activists have fought against using animal skin for clothing and accessories. Some individuals refuse to wear leather while others take a stand against fur coats; but many are unaware of the extent of the cruelty that occurs behind closed doors. Exotic animal skins come at a much greater cost to humanity than the number on their price tags. One lesser known industry that engages in horrific and cruel animal practices is the ostrich leather industry. -- Global Animal

Coyote Coats: Fashion’s Latest Victim (TAKE ACTION)

(ANIMAL NEWS) CANADA—Clothing company Canada Goose Inc. is being virtually occupied by supporters of the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals. The Facebook protestors are opposing the company's use of coyote fur trims. Coyotes are often captured in leg-hold traps, which are legal in every province in Canada, and often mutilate themselves trying to get out. Last year Global Animal ran a story on a fashion trend that harms roosters, and now Coyotes in Canada are being targeted for the sake of fashion. Canada Goose claims that their use of fur is "ethical and responsible" and that they only use fur to prevent frostbite. This seems hardly accurate as there are numerous alternative materials better suitable to keep the body dry and warm. The coats are also sold in areas where frostbite is not a threat. Read on to find out how the protestors got their message through. — Global Animal

Alexander McQueen: Animal Lover? (POLL)

(CULTURE) Fur, leather, and feather fashions but profound love for pets and sympathy for homeless animals — quite the contradiction. The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen left a portion of his fortune for the continual care of his dogs and donated money to two animal charity organizations that help abandoned animals find homes. McQueen is considered an “animal lover,” yet his clothing lines notoriously featured materials that support animal cruelty and abuse. Is he a true animal lover? What about self-proclaimed animal lovers who adore their pets yet wear leather boots, fur coats, and feather hair extensions? — Global Animal

Neiman Marcus: Fur, Cruelty In Fall Catalog (TAKE ACTION)

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) – Neiman Marcus is featuring fur in their fashion line titled "Natural Selection" in one  section of Neiman Marcus' Fall Catalog. Cruel and heartless, and completely out of touch with our economic times, the Olsen sisters contribute to the trend with $39,000 bags made out of crocodile skin.