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Why Are Brachycephalic Breeds Banned From Traveling On Airplanes?

(DOGS/PET TRAVEL) Traveling long distances can be much easier via air. But as a pet parent, you'll need to know about certain airline policies when it comes to boarding the plane with your furry friend. This is especially true if you have a cat or a dog who is considered a Brachycephalic breed. -- Global Animal
Columbia has passed a bill banning circuses from using wild animals in their show.

Stop The Big Top: New Bill Could Ban Wild Animals In U.S. Circuses

(CIRCUSES/ANIMAL RIGHTS) Today Congressman Jim Moran introduced the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act (TEAPA) that would finally put an end to wild and exotic animals in traveling circuses. Video and photographic evidence shows how animals used in traveling circuses are subjected to unavoidable suffering—from their restricted, barren facilities to being forced to perform unnatural acts. If the new bill passes, the U.S. would join 30 other countries around the world that have already passed similar bills, including Austria, Belgium, Greece, India, Bolivia, Colombia, and Panama. TEAPA is also gaining support from several celebrities and activists such as longtime The Price is Right host Bob Barker and CSI actress Jorja Fox. Continue reading below to find out more about TEAPA and see how you can get involved and help support the bill. — Global Animal

Darren Aronofsky doesn't use live animals in his new film, Noah. (ANIMAL WELFARE/MOVIES)

Come Hell Or High Water: Biblical Film “Noah” Won’t Use Live Animals

(ANIMAL WELFARE/MOVIES) Director Darren Aronofsky's new film Noah surprisingly will not be featuring any animals—at least no real ones. Instead, Aronofsky has opted to use only the digital variety. In recent years, Digital technology has become sophisticated enough for filmmakers to use realistic digital substitutes for animals. Rise of The Planet of The Apes received a lot of attention for its use of digital apes, and more directors like Aronofsky are choosing this more humane option. Many live animals used for films suffer under harsh conditions and mistreatment both during filming as well as training beforehand. After seeing the conditions of the monkeys used for his film The Fountain, Aronofsky was turned off by the idea of using live mammals on set. Read on for more on Aronofky's views on using animals in film. — Global Animal

Man Caught Smuggling 247 Snakes On A Plane

(EXOTIC ANIMAL SMUGGLING) Earlier this month a man was caught attempting to smuggle 247 live animals aboard a transatlantic flight from Argentina to Madrid. The animals were found in a suitcase by airport staff, and included poisonous snakes and rare reptiles. Read on for more on this mans bizarre and inhumane attempt to traffic these creatures across borders, and how the Argentinian government is responding. — Global Animal

Seven Animals Being Eaten To Extinction

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Animals on the dinner plate or animals on the planet? The United States is one of the world's largest consumers of wildlife, with mass amounts imported illegally. As human populations increase and consumers demand rare and exotic meals, endangered animals are being hunted for food at an increasingly alarming rate. Here are seven species being eaten to extinction... –- Global Animal

Is Bat Soup To Blame For The Coronavirus?

(CHINESE MEDICINE/WILDLIFE TRADE) As the coronavirus continues to spread, more questions arise regarding the outbreak's cause and origin. A Chinese travel blogger is under fire after posting a viral video of her eating "bat soup," supposedly filmed in Wuhan. The Internet collectively slammed the video--originally filmed at a restaurant in Palau in 2016--blaming Wang Mengyun and bat-eaters alike, for their speculated culpability in spreading the virus. While the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan was originally believed to be the source of the coronavirus, or 2019-nCoV, a new study shows the early known victims had no contact with the market. And while the virus does seem to have originated in bats, it’s unclear how it made its way to humans. Read on to learn more about the debunked rumors. -- Global Animal

In Dogs We Trust: Presidents & Their Pets

(FAMOUS PETS/DOGS) As we celebrate Presidents' Day, it just doesn't seem right to leave out those who gave their unconditional love to many of America's leaders. That can be a tall order. Of course, we're speaking about the First Pets. Read on for more about the many beloved animals throughout history—dogs, cats, horses, parrots, and others—who supported our nation's presidents. — Global Animal

Roaring For Wildlife: World Lion Day Honors Cecil

(LIONS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Today, August 10 marks World Lion Day, the first global campaign celebrating the importance of lions across the globe. But this year, the day has a particularly important meaning, with an increased focus on conservation. Lions are endangered throughout Africa and India, but widespread outrage following the recent killing of Cecil the lion has brought the species' plight into urgent view. -- Global Animal

No Arachnophobia Allowed! Using Spiders To Heal Humans

(SPIDERS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Professor Fritz Vollrath is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. His research from Oxford University takes the study of spiders to a whole new level. Through years of research he has found that the silk from spiders can be used to assist in several medical treatments. Can you imagine having a knee replacement using spider webs? Read on to get your spidey senses tingling. -- Global Animal
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Zoos: The Historical Debate

(ZOOS/ANIMAL WELFARE) For centuries people have flocked to zoos to see wild animals up close. The first zoo was established in 1748 in Vienna, Austria, and is still entertaining people today. But many believe that keeping an animal in a simulated habitat is not in their best interest, citing issues of animal welfare and conservation. Are zoos harming these animals by keeping them caged up, or are they helping conserve animals on the brink of extinction? Read on for both sides of this historical debate, told from the perspective of an animal rights activist. — Global Animal
3,000 different species of animals have plummeted in numbers. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Humans Cut World’s Wildlife Population In Half

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/ENDANGERED SPECIES) A recent study by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) points to humans as the cause of a major plummet in wildlife populations—a 52 percent decline over the past 40 years to be exact. Factors such as hunting, fishing, environmental degradation, pollution, and global warming all contribute to the destruction of many exotic species. Although humans may be the ones to blame for the decline in wildlife populations, there is still hope. Read on to learn more about the WWF study and how your conservation efforts can help protect wildlife. — Global Animal

PETA Roars At Katy Perry

(ANIMAL WELFARE/WILDLIFE) PETA representative Merrilee Burke recently wrote a harsh letter addressed to Katy Perry's music video directors concerning the inappropriate use of exotic animals in "Roar." The Hollywood star's latest hit music video features cameos by a myriad of live animals including monkeys, tarantulas, elephants, parrots, alligators, and tigers. According to PETA,  "These animals often become stressed and anxious when they are hauled around and forced into unfamiliar or frightening situations. Stage sets, with their bright lights, heavy equipment, and boisterous crowds, can be very traumatic for animals, even when every precaution is taken." The organization also explicitly mentions their suspicion of the involvement of Serengeti Ranch—an animal exhibitor notorious for his multiple citations and inspections by the USDA—in supplying the animals for the shoot. PETA strongly urges the Hollywood directors to consider more humane methods of including animals in films and entertainment, praising director Rupert Wyatt of Rise of the Planet of the Apes for his use of CGI animals as an alternative to live creatures. Read the article below for more details on PETA's timely reproach and click here to see Katy Perry's music video for yourself. — Global Animal

10 Best Wildlife Travel Adventures

(WILDLIFE) Whether you are deep in the outback or on the shore of a coastal cay, every destination is an exciting wildlife adventure waiting to be explored. Many organizations, including PlanetWildlife, help travelers plan the perfect animal adventure where a close encounter with incredible creatures is almost guaranteed. PlanetWildlife has just teamed up with the wildlife charity RIGHT-tourism to educate tourists about responsible travel and the fair treatment of animals. Make sure to check out their websites before traveling to your desired destination, and read on for the top 10 best wildlife travel adventures in the world. — Global Animal

Indonesian ‘Zoo Of Death’ Loses Last Giraffe

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia's largest zoo, continues to morph into an animal cemetery as yet another animal, the zoo's last giraffe, died last week. The 30 year-old giraffe named Kliwon was discovered with a 40-pound wad of trash and plastic stuck in his belly—calling strong attention on the zoo's appalling conditions.

Two years ago, Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry upended the zoo’s management after a string of animal deaths. However, conditions have yet to improve. An average of 25 animals are dying each month at this home to over 4,000 of the rarest species in the world. Read on to learn more about the zoo's current state and sign the petition below to help save these helpless animals. — Global Animal