(PETS/DOGS) Attention dog lovers! It’s time to celebrate the dog days of August, and share your appreciation for your canine buddies.

August 26th is National Dog Day; so make sure you go out of your way to appreciate your favorite canine friend, and if you don’t have a special canine in your life, celebrate by adopting one from a shelter.

National Dog Day has been an annual celebration since 2004. Photo Credit: National Dog Day Foundation

Back in 2004, National Dog Day was started by the National Dog Day Foundation, with the intention of honoring all of the canines that make our lives better, and encouraging the rescue of dogs in need.

The foundation’s motto is, “Saving 10,000 Dogs – One Day at a Time,” and it’s a goal they try to meet each year.

There are just two very important things to remember when celebrating National Dog Day. First off, make sure you acknowledge our dog companions make our lives easier by providing unconditional love, protection, and aid to those in need. Secondly, send a little love back by rescuing a dog in need of companionship.

As a treat for the festivities, Petsami made a compilation of some of the most charming canines on the web. Give it a watch below, and have a happy National Dog Day!

— Anthony Armentano, exclusive to Global Animal