(CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES) Christmas is finally here, and many pets are getting themselves into the holiday spirit, while others are simply getting into trouble. Check out these festive felines and decide whether they’ve been naughty or nice. — Global Animal

He knows if you've been bad or good! Photo credit: Joyce Hendricks
Pumpkin hangs out in the Christmas tree. Photo Credit: Ashlee Wroblewski
Sanya's first Christmas. Photo Credit: Tammy Merdian
Nothing gets past these glowing eyes! Photo Credit: Kristen Markell
"I'm watching...always watching..." Photo Credit: Michelle Wiggins
Ava loves hiding in and eating the Christmas tree! Photo Credit: Sonja Dahlquist
"Thinking about climbing the tree...but resting under the blanket for now." Photo Credit: Ashlee Wroblewski
"This is my spot." Photo Credit: Judy Clark
You can't peek at the presents with these eyes watching you from the tree! Photo Credit: Lou deMiguel
Suddenly the Christmas tree becomes a jungle gym. Photo Credit: Sarah Lisk
"I have to get to this tree..." Photo Credit: Brenda Walton