(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) Happy holidays! Not in the Christmas spirit? Take a look at these festive pups! Whether it be a Corgi dressed as a Christmas tree or a pug wrapped in presents, these dogs know how to deck the halls and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. — Global Animal

Adorable Christmas Dachshund. Photo Credit: Flickr, jillbeninato
These Golden Retrievers are in the Christmas spirit. Photo Credit: swvhreno.com
These fancy Dachshunds make great Christmas decorations. Photo Credit: Flickr, doxieone
This might be the cutest Christmas decoration ever! Photo Credit: Tumblr, all-things-bright-and-beyootiful
This adorable pup is doing his best Christmas-themed Myspace picture. Photo Credit: statigr.am
This adorable Labrador had too much eggnog. Photo Credit: 500px.com
Who wouldn't want to wake up to this cutie under their tree on Christmas Day? Photo Credit: Flickr, taylorhood
This pooch doesn't seem to be in the Christmas spirit. Photo Credit: Flickr, annierudolph
This dog makes Christmas in bed look like the best idea ever. Photo Credit: Flickr, petithiboux
Christmas dog is pooped after opening all of the presents. Photo Credit: Flickr, taylorhood
This Boston Terrier is full of holiday cheer. Photo Credit: Flickr, honeybeeg

Who needs a Christmas tree when you have an adorable dog? Photo Credit: media.egotvonline.com

This little pup is tangled in Christmas cheer! Photo credit: Flickr, jenaescamera
Hopefully Santa calls this cute Chihuahua for help Christmas Eve! Photo credit: Flickr, meredithdavis
He is definitely in the Christmas spirit! Photo Credit: Flickr, matties-diary
What a festive holiday dog! Photo Credit: Flickr, erikcurtis
The perfect Christmas Corgi! Photo Credit: Flickr, Mi.bee
The pit bull Christmas guard! He'll make sure none of your presents go missing! Photo Credit: Flickr, pittylova
The cutest Christmas Pomeranian we've ever seen! Photo Credit: media.egotvonline.com
An adorable holiday pup! Photo Credit: Flickr, littleshawna
Who needs a Christmas angel when you could have a Christmas bulldog? Photo Credit: statigr.am
An adorable Christmas Labrador! Photo Credit: Flickr, mrpattersonsir
This adorable pup can't wait for his presents from Santa on Christmas morning! Photo Credit: Flickr, michellemc
This cutie is definitely on our Christmas list! Photo Credit: Flickr, franz_207
A very puggy Christmas! Photo Credit: houndbound.com
We have another Christmas guard dog to protect us from the gift thieves. Photo Credit: Flickr, scott cromwell
This is one cute holiday pooch! Photo Credit: Tumblr, peacebeginswithasmil3
This pup may not look too happy but he definitely looks too cute! Photo Credit: shannonberrey.com