(HALLOWEEN/ANIMAL PICTURES/PETS) What would Halloween be without pets in costumes? We’ve assembled pictures of our favorite dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and even a guinea pig sporting their Halloween costumes! Check out this hilarious collection of costumed pets below, and have a happy Halloween! — Global Animal

This French bulldog is working a Geisha girl costume! Photo Credit: Instagram
This adorable Yorkshire Terrier is a fiesta for the eyes in a taco dog costume. Photo Credit: instagram.com/charlie123
Bumble Bee Cat! Photo Credit: Instagram.com/msmartacandido
An adorable Boston Terrier in a dinosaur costume! Photo Credit: Instagram/lindsayerin1
This is one adorable Papal Pup! Photo Credit: Instagram/oliveisfat
This wiener dog is serving up some wieners of his own! Photo Credit: Instagram/nipness
This little guy definitely cast a cuteness spell on us! Photo Credit: Instagram/petsmart
Pirate cat, arrgh me matey! Photo Credit: Instagram/petsmart
Elvis "Pupsley!" Thank you, thank you very much. Photo Credit: Instagram/vemateo
Devil dogs, a mischievous duo. Photo Credit: Instagram/digbyvanwinkle
Frenchie turned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Photo Credit: Instagram/henrilefrenchie
A yawn or a giant roar? Photo Credit: Instagram/alexjacy
Did you know that taco cat spelled backwards is taco cat? Photo Credit: Instagram/curiouskitties
The Force is strong with this Brussels Griffon. Photo Credit: Instagram/atminarik
A monstrously cute French Bulldog. Photo Credit: Instagram/3bulldogges
Sophie is ready for Halloween in this adorable Eeyore costume. Photo Credit: Instagram/petsmart
The Prettiest Pitbull we've ever seen! Photo Credit: Instagram/_annabees_
Tilly dressed up as a banana. Photo Credit: Instagram/cocopaul
Cat Peacock! Photo Credit: Instagram/eris8656
This Pug is a big old cup of cuteness. Photo Credit: Instagram/elisecflores