(OCEANS/SHARKS) What’s scarier than ghosts and sharks? Try a combination of both–ghost sharks!

Also called “ratfish,” “rabbitfish,” “elephant fish,” or “spookfish,” believe it or not, ghost sharks aren’t sharks at all. These mysterious animals actually belong to three families even though they are often grouped into one.

Just in time for Halloween, check out these 13 ghost sharks to get in the spooky spirit! — Global Animal

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/NOAA Ocean Explorer

Azula, Martha Sorren

They’re known as spookfish for a reason. October is upon us, and with it comes the spookiest time of the year. Are you getting your ghost and ghoul decorations ready to frighten the neighborhood? Well, maybe you can take some inspiration from one the sea’s own real ghost: the ghost shark.

As Azula reported in the below video, “ghost shark” is the informal name for the chimaera. They also go by ratfish or spookfish.

And spooky they are.

Get into the Halloween spirit by taking a look at some of the ghost sharks that call the creepy deep sea home.





Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program










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