(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES/PETS/WILDLIFE) Sometimes we just want to blend in, even if we don’t completely belong. Can you figure out which of these animals is not like the others? — Global Animal

The pig on the right had an early growth spurt. Photo credit: attackofthecute.com
It doesn’t matter. Fluffy always wants to be the center of attention. Photo credit: falconwing via imgfave.com
Shh, you woke one of the puppies. Photo credit: aplacetolovedogs.com.
Trick question! These pugs all came from the same litter. Photo credit: eons.com.
The cat on the left might have made a fatal mistake. Photo credit: bjspictureaday2.blogspot.com
The grey puppy is the runt of this litter. Photo credit: builder.cheezburger.com
The penguin on the right started growing facial hair way before his schoolmates. Photo credit: missnichols.edublogs.org
Trick question! No one collects beanie babies anymore. Photo credit: intricateart.com
The cat on the left is having the best day ever. Photo credit: randomosityblog.com
No one will ever know with this teddy bear camouflage. Photo credit: wannasmile.com
There was always a slight doubt over who was the real father. Photo credit: prikol.bigmir.net
One of these rabbits has on her serious face. Photo credit: squidoo.com
Answer: Boo always belongs! Photo credit: www.facebook.com/Boo