(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Celebrate the end of summer with this no-churn vegan oreo ice cream. It’s extremely yummy and super easy to make–all you need is bananas, oreo cookies, peanut butter, and peanuts. You don’t need an ice cream maker either–this nice cream is ready using a blender or food processor in just 5 minutes!

This recipe proves that you don’t need sugar or other processed ingredients to satisfy your sweet cravings. Just keep some peeled bananas in the freezer, and you can make this guilt-free frozen dessert whenever you want! — Global Animal

Vegan Oreo Ice Cream. Photo Credit: Vegan Heaven

Vegan Oreo Ice Cream

Yield: 4 servings


  • 4 ripe bananas, cut into slices and frozen for at least 12 hours
  • 8 oreo cookies
  • 1 tablespoon chunky peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon peanuts


  1. Put the frozen bananas, the chunky peanut butter, and three of the oreo cookies in a blender and process until smooth. If needed add a little almond or other plant-based milk to make it easier for the blender.
  2. When the nice cream is smooth add three more oreo cookies and pulse for a about three seconds.
  3. Fill the nice cream into two cups and top if off with the remaining two oreos (crumbled), the peanuts, and some banana slices. Enjoy!

Recipe Courtesy of Vegan Heaven

More Vegan Heaven: https://veganheaven.org/recipe/super-easy-vegan-oreo-ice-cream/

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