(DOGS/PET CARE) Sometimes giving your dog medication can be a tough pill to swallow. While some dogs may not mind swallowing pills, many are quite resistant.

There are several ways to get your dog to swallow a pill or medication, but it’s important to find a technique that works for both you and your dog–whether you use a pill dropper or coat the pill with peanut butter or cheese.

No matter what, be sure to reward your pup with a treat at the end of it all to make sure the experience is a positive one. Continue reading below for the many different ways you can get your dog to swallow a pill. — Global Animal

One of the best ways to give your dog a pill is by putting the medication in a food or snack that your dog loves. Photo Credit: Pet Pav

Pet Pav

When it comes to giving your dog a pill or medication, some dogs will easily gobble it down while others are more resistant.  The hard part is that if you have a dose of medication, you will likely being giving your dog a pill for several days.  So, you need to find a technique that works! There are many different ways you can get your dog to swallow a pill.

Use your hands and get it done!

Hold your dog’s head in one hand and the pill in the other hand. Try not to let your dog see the pill. Thank tilt your dog’s head back slightly, and open your dog’s mouth and place it inside.  This can be challenging unless you have a very compliant dog.

Try a pill popper

Try using a pill dropper.  A pill dropper looks like a regular syringe which has been made to hold pills instead.  Put the pill in the dropper, slightly tilt your dog’s head backward and drop the pill into the dog’s mouth.  Done!

Pick appealing food with a strong scent

Try putting the medication in a food that your dog loves but has a strong scent to mask the taste of the medication.  If your dog likes some type of fish or even a dairy product, that can work well, because the pill can easily slip into it.  If you can simply slip it into your dog’s normal food, even better, but that can be tricky.  You don’t want your dog to stop eating the food if he now knows the pill is there and won’t try the old food.

Take a look at this video of the different ways to give your dog a pill or medication (makes it look so easy!)

Place the pill in your dog’s favorite snack and only one has the pill  

Try putting the pill in your dog’s favorite snack.   Take some very delicious treat (could be chicken or any other tempting treat) and put the pill into it. Set the treat with the pill aside then feed the dog a piece of the same treat. Your dog will come back for another piece and this one will have the pill in it.  You can also use pill pockets to accomplish this same goal.

Try distracting your dog and give him a pill at a random time

Distracting your dog is a good way to get them to take their pills.  This is always the best time because the dog is calm, relaxed, and almost eager to take the pill. Try giving your dog the treat (with the pill inside) while on a walk or during a car ride, mixed in with his regular treats. The more distracted your dog is the less he will be thinking about what’s in the treat.

Coat the pill with peanut butter or cheese

You can also just coat the pill with peanut butter or even cheese.  The strong smell and taste would make the pill even more appealing to your dog and minimize the medicine- taste or smell.  And pop it in your dog’s mouth

Make a game of it

Put the pill in a soft or smelling food and make it a ball.  Toss the treats on the ground.  Roll them around and see if he or she likes the challenge.  If he or she runs away from it, this might not be the best method for your dog.

Other pill options

Some pills can be compounded into a gel or soft powder to make the pill-taking process less challenging.  Ask your veterinarian if your medication can be compounded.

At the end of it all, make sure you reward your pup with a treat or favorite toy and make the experience a positive one!

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