(PET CARE/PET SAFETY) The holidays are a busy time of the year for animal shelters. Dogs are found wandering terrified on the streets after being scared from home by fireworks.

Fortunately, there are simple precautions you can take to keep your pets safe and their anxiety levels at a minimum during this patriotic holiday.

Keep your pets safe and happy on the 4th of July. Photo Credit: cahospital.ca

1. Make sure your pets are wearing their ID tags with a properly fitting collar all day, even if you are planning to keep them indoors. You never know what will happen.

2. Give your dog plenty of exercise earlier in the day, before the fireworks start.

3. Keep your dogs indoors for the celebration, preferably with a human companion. And keep all doors and windows closed to minimize noise and the chance of them getting out. Inform all guests not to leave doors open.

4. Provide a small cozy place for your dog to retreat.  When scared of sounds dog’s feel safest in enclosed areas. If they enjoy their crate try putting a blanket over it for extra security and surround them with familiar  objects.  If you are having guests over, make sure your dog has a place to go where they can be away from the party.

5. Use distractions and keep things calm. Play soothing music before the fireworks start and give your dog something fun to do, like a kong filled with treats or their favorite toy.

And above all, have a safe and fun holiday!

— Elisabeth Torres, exclusive to Global Animal




  1. Here in my neighborhood they had started the fire works early! It's July 3rd, 9:30 PM in Charlotte, NC and one of my dogs is hiding under the bed already, and the other one is shaking like a leaf. Happy Night Before Independence Day!