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How To Effectively Evacuate Your Pets 101

(PET SAFETY) When any sort of natural disaster hits, we often hear about the large number of displaced pets in need of a home. In the article below, Florida resident Brandy Arnold shares her experience of preparing her animal companions for Hurricane Irma. Read on for tips on what you should do to ensure your beloved critters are safe during an emergency. -- Global Animal

Sausage Dog Loving Life In Fountain

(FUNNY DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This dachshund is living his best life, splashing around in a fountain on a warm summer day. -- Global Animal

Ocean Alliances: Male Dolphins & Their Name Calling

(OCEANS) The ocean is a mysterious place and there is still a lot to learn about it. New research shows that male bottlenose dolphins create alliances with other male dolphins. But how can these sea creatures tell eachother apart? Believe it or not, these dolphins have names for one another! Read on to find out how these aquatic mammals actually call out to their buddies and share connections similar to us land-lovers. -- Global Animal

Bunny Reunited With Dad After A Long Vacation

(PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In this heartwarming video, Bini the Bunny is reunited with her dad after he returns home from a long vacation. Watch how she runs up and greets Shai with pure excitement and lots of bunny kisses! -- Global Animal

Rare Conjoined Deer Fawns Have Scientists Seeing Double

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL SCIENCE) A Minnesota man got two times more than he bargained for while foraging for mushrooms one day. During his outing, he stumbled upon a fawn with an abnormality no one has seen before—two heads! Although the fawn was stillborn, the animal was one of the first to actually reach a full-term pregnancy and then be delivered. Read on to find out more about this scientific discovery, reminding us about the wonders of life. -- Global Animal

Police Dog Performs CPR, Saves Agent’s Life

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) Thanks to this video from the Municipal Police of Madrid, witness Poncho the police dog spring into action after an officer drops to the ground. An announcer calls out for medical help, and this K-9 responder runs to his side, jumping up and down on his chest, mimicking CPR. -- Global Animal

Dog Gets Emotional When She Hears The Song From ‘Titanic’

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Luna the Golden Retriever loves when her mom plays the piano, but she can't help but get a little emotional when hearing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. For more of Luna the Golden, follow her on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Spicy Nacho Potato Bites

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Satisfy your french fry and potato chip craving with these spicy nacho potato bites! These crispy, spicy roasted potato medallions topped with melted vegan cheese, chunky homemade guacamole, and fresh vegetables are the perfect healthy spring and summer appetizer. Not only are they completely vegan, but they are full of fiber, iron, and healthy fats--a great example of healthy potato-based snacking! As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Cat Gets Busted & Locks Self Back In Cage

(CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This guilty cat gets busted trying to plot his escape, and promptly locks himself back in like a good kitty. -- Global Animal

Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day! Proof That Office Space Is A Dog’s...

(DOGS/LIFE WITH PETS) Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day! As it turns out, dogs make great assistants in the workplace. Guardians are bringing their dogs to work more often, helping not just themselves, but everyone in the office. Why? Dogs are generous with their puppy love. As dogs in the office provide a relaxed atmosphere, colleagues are able to get along much easier. Read on to learn how bringing your dog in to your job can make both you and your boss happier. — Global Animal

Dog Gets Caught Making A Splash

(FUNNY DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Baxter the dog was enjoying a nice dip in an inflatable swimming pool, splashing around and having the time of his life, until he suddenly realized he wasn't alone. He looks rather guilty, doesn't he? -- Global Animal

French Bulldogs Buoy & Bikini Play At Dog Beach

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Watch these two French Bulldogs have some fun in the sun at their favorite place, Bonita Springs Dog Beach in South Florida. For more Frenchie fun, follow Buoy and Bikini on Facebook and/or Instagram. -- Global Animal

RIP Koko: The Gorilla Who Changed The World

(WILDLIFE) Koko, the famed gorilla who learned signed language and touched the lives of millions with her incredible sense of empathy, has passed away at age 46. The western lowland gorilla died peacefully in her sleep at the Gorilla Foundation’s preserve in California’s Santa Cruz mountains. Koko has had a profound impact teaching us about the emotional and intellectual capacity of great apes that will continue to shape the world. She will be greatly missed. -- Global Animal

Fend Your Flock: 8 Best Dog Breeds To Protect Chickens

(DOGS/FARM ANIMALS) Chickens are vulnerable to predators, and if you are raising them, you must take adequate measures to ensure they are protected. One of the best ways to do so is to adopt a guard dog, and luckily there are many livestock guard dog breeds you can choose from. They are harsh on predators and extremely gentle with chickens. They stay with livestock around the clock and anticipate an attack or threat, thereby avoiding it even when you are not present. But which guard dog is the best? There are quite a few, and we have mentioned the best of them in the list below. -- Global Animal