(MOTHER’S DAY/BABY ANIMALS/ANIMAL PICTURES) What’s cuter than baby animal photos? Pictures of babies snuggling with their mothers, of course! Enjoy this compilation of some of the cutest snapshots of animal moms and their little ones! — Global Animal

A rare black rhino and her baby. Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg
A mother goat and her kid cuddle. Photo Credit: Brian Squibb
A baby albino seal and his mother. Photo Credit: Caroline Seidel / AFP - Getty Images
This polar bear babe gives mom a kiss! Photo credit: trasroid via Flickr
A mother and calf graze in a field. Photo Credit: Dreamstime
An elephant mom shows her affection. Photo credit: Paolo Camera via Flickr
This anteater mom carries her baby on her back. Photo Credit: Getty
Lion cubs wake up mom.
A mother and baby ape in the wild. Photo Credit: msnbc.com
A mother giraffe nuzzles her baby.
A Sumatran tiger and her cub snuggle. Photo Credit: PA
A mother wolf nestles with her cubs. Photo Credit: Joel Sartore, National Gegraphic
This otter is a foster mom to this orphaned baby. Photo Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium
Orangutan mother and baby kiss. Photo credit: belgianchocolate Flickr
A mother and baby llama. Photo Credit: Getty