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Baby Animals Everywhere? Must Be Springtime!

(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES/BABY ANIMALS) Spring is a magical season where the world wakes anew from its winter slumber. What's the best part of springtime? Baby animals, of course! Check out these wild and wonderful baby animal photos. — Global Animal

Toucan Thinks He’s A Lap Dog

(BIRDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Who needs a lap dog when you have Ripley the toucan? This one-of-a-kind tropical bird just loves sitting between her dad's legs as he works at his desk. Not only is she willing to be petted, stroked, and cuddled just like any one of our furry friends, but she also plays catch! -- Global Animal

Great Scott! Introducing The First UK Nation To Ban Wild Animals In Circuses

(CIRCUSES/ANIMAL WELFARE) In a historic move, Scotland became the first UK nation to ban the use of wild animals in circuses on Monday. The legislation follows a public consultation conducted by the Scottish Government showing that a whopping 98 percent of respondents support a ban. Although there aren't currently any circuses with wild animals based in Scotland, these traveling shows have visited in the past from England, and the newly enacted legislation will prevent them from touring in the future. Joining 18 European countries, and 35 around the world, Scotland's decision has renewed the call to other UK nations to follow their lead and put an end to circus abuse in Great Britain. We now look to England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to deliver a UK-wide legislation that the public have long wanted and the animals so desperately need. Read on to learn more about the Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses (Scotland) Act 2018 and its potential influence on other countries. -- Global Animal

Mother Dog Carries Puppy In Bag

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This clever dog mom has discovered a very convenient way to transport her puppy down a busy street. Watch as she holds a plastic bag in her mouth with her puppy inside, just like a bag of groceries! -- Global Animal

Dog Adopts Nine Baby Ducklings

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) When nine ducklings were left without a mother, this kindhearted Labrador named Fred stepped up to the plate. The 10-year-old dog began caring for the abandoned ducks after staff at Mountfitchet Castle in Essex discovered them wandering around the grounds all alone. Fred belongs to one of the tourist spot's owners and is taking his new role as a father figure very seriously. Take a look at this heartwarming video of the new family. The ducklings appear to be quite content, often sitting at his feet and dutifully following him around the grounds. -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Southwestern Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) This Meat-Free Monday--Memorial Day and National Hamburger Day edition, spice things up with these Southwestern sweet potato veggie burgers. These burgers use some of our favorite Southwestern flavors like fresh cilantro, corn, grilled onions, red peppers, and avocado. The sweet potato burger patty is smooth and creamy, coated with gluten-free Panko crumbs, giving it a nice little crunch.  The best part? This recipe will have you so surprised at how easy a vegetarian burger actually is to make! As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Cuddly Cat Craves Attention

(FUNNY CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This cuddly cat just wants some attention. While it can be endearing, attention-seeking is a common behavior in cats and can get annoying when excessive. Try to avoid rewarding the unwanted behavior by paying absolutely zero attention to your cat’s demands. Once your cat calms down, wait for about a minute before paying attention to your cat, which then becomes a reward for being calm if done correctly. -- Global Animal

Ostrich Chases Bikers Downhill

(WILDLIFE/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) In this funny video clip, watch as an inexplicably irate ostrich chases a couple of bikers downhill. The ostrich is the world's largest bird, and while they cannot fly, it comes as no surprise they can cover a lot of ground in a single stride. In fact, they can run up to 43 miles an hour--a lesson these two cyclists will not forget. While they try to outrace the bird, ostriches can run faster “than Lance Armstrong in a time trial," according to experts. -- Global Animal

This Kitten Who Was The Runt Of Her Litter Is A Tiny Fighter

(CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This teeny, tiny kitten named Small Fry was born the runt of her litter and was so thin and sick that no one knew if she'd make it. Fortunately Small Fry showed her foster mom she was never going to give up. Take a look at her heartwarming story in the video clip above. -- Global Animal

Avoidable Tragedy: How To Help Dogs In Hot Cars This Summer

(DOGS/PET CARE) Did you know that a car parked in the sun with all windows closed can reach up to 116 degrees in just minutes? With Memorial Day and hot summer weather just around the corner, it's important to be aware of the risk of pets dying in hot cars, as well as the legal actions one can take if they see a dog trapped in a hot car. If you must leave your dog in the car, we suggest parking the car in the shade, having all windows tinted (including clear tint for the windshield), keeping the windows open, and parking the rear of the car so it faces the sun. But the most important preventative measure is not parking the car in the sun, period. Regardless, if it comes down to watching a dog die in a hot car or breaking the window to save it, we would always break the window. The dog's guardian will most likely be grateful rather than mad or litigious. Even if you have to replace the window yourself, it will be worth it to save the animal. Just in time for Heat Awareness Day, read below for tips on what you can do if you see an animal in distress in a locked car. -- Global Animal

Two Lynx Share Intense Conversation

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL VIDEOS) These two lynx certainly have a lot to say to each other. Just listen to their intense conversation on the side of the road in Avery Lake, Ontario, Canada. What do you think they're saying? -- Global Animal

A New Low: Trump’s Plan To Lift Ban On Barbaric Hunting Tactics

(HUNTING/ANIMAL LAWS) Condemned as a "new low," the Trump administration is attempting to repeal Obama-era rules banning cruel and harmful hunting practices in Alaska. The proposal promotes the senseless slaughter of Alaska's most iconic wildlife as it would allow hunters to kill bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens, use dogs and bait to hunt bears, and shoot swimming caribou from motorboats. Not only are these controversial sport hunting and trapping techniques utterly barbaric and inhumane, but Trump's plan to increase hunting opportunities on national preserve land casts aside the very purpose of national parks to protect wildlife and the environment. Continue reading below to learn more about the Department of Interior's aggressive push to expand hunting rights on federal land, and see how conservation groups are reacting in horror. As the hunting rule repeal has entered a 60-day period for public comment, we urge you to visit, and search for “RIN 1024-AE38,” to make your voice heard. -- Global Animal

Officer Sings To Dogs At Animal Shelter

(RESCUE DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Chad Olds is an animal control officer in Vance County, North Carolina, but in his younger years, he was a professional touring musician. Luckily for the shelter animals, he frequently carries around a guitar and will serenade the homeless dogs at the shelter from time to time. In this heartwarming video, watch the dogs' sweet reaction to his music. It just goes to show how music can help soothe shelter pets in what can sometimes be a very loud and stressful environment. -- Global Animal

Doggy Don’ts: No More Jumping On People!

(DOGS/PET CARE) Having trouble keeping your pooch's paws on the floor? Not only can jumping be a nuisance, but it can be dangerous too. Here are some tips to teach your dog to not jump on people. — Global Animal