From Caged to Cuddled, Flint’s Story Will Melt Your Heart

(RESCUE DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) After being locked inside a box for nearly six months, Flint was desperate to escape. Luckily, PETA worked with local law-enforcement to rescue him and several other dogs on the same property, and ensure the owner was prosecuted.

Flint was emaciated and had such severe muscle atrophy that he could barely stand or walk. Thanks to months of diligent care and rehabilitation in his new home, Flint has a chance at a new happy life. Now, he runs, cuddles, and plays tug-of-war with his new friend, Ellie–another former “backyard dog” rescued by PETA.

“Even though he had been confined and never knew companionship before he came to us, Flint trusts us and enjoys his new life,” says Kate Swigart, his adoptive guardian and one of PETA’s fieldworkers. “It’s been a joy to watch him play, run, snuggle, and soak up the love that he always deserved.” — Global Animal