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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Rescue Dogs Who Found Forever Homes

(ANIMAL VIDEOS/PET ADOPTION) In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, celebrate the power of pet adoption with this heartwarming video of rescue dogs who found their forever homes. To find your next furry family member, visit our Pet Adoption Database. -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Rice Paper Rolls With Mango & Mint

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) For this week's meatless meal, try these vegan rice paper rolls with mango, mint, and avocado and an easy peanut sauce for dipping. These homemade rice paper rolls are the perfect light dinner for warmer days. Not only are they healthy and low in calories, but they're also super easy to make! Plus, they're a wonderful appetizer for parties--just look at that medley of color! As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

When You’ve Been Working For An Hour But Still Aren’t A Millionaire

(CATS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) It's Monday morning, and you probably feel like you've been working for over an hour, but you're still not a millionaire. This cat knows the feeling all too well. For more of Merlin the Ragdoll cat, follow him on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Meet Millie The Amazing Climbing Cat

(CATS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) Like any other cat, Millie loves to explore. But unlike most other cats, Millie also likes to scale cliffs and climb mountains with her adventurous dad Craig Armstrong. For more of Millie and her awesome outdoor adventures, follow her on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Pigs Play With Soccer Ball

(PIGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Kick off your weekend with this adorable video of pigs playing with a soccer ball. Just watch them go hog-wild! -- Global Animal

Dogs In Russia World Cup Cities Need Your Help

(ANIMAL RESCUES/ANIMAL VIDEOS) As protestors urge the Russian government not to fund the killing of stray dogs in 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia host cities prior to the World Cup matches, the World Animal Awareness Society is building relationships with rescuers working on-the-ground, saving and sheltering as many homeless dogs as they can. The organization has multiple team members in at least half a dozen of this year's World Cup host cities, and intends to network as many local citizen rescues in Russia to help give these dogs a chance at life. Visit the GoFundMe page for more information and consider donating to the cause to help save Russian dogs. -- Global Animal

Meant To Bee: Woman Saves Wingless Bumblebee

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) One day while gardening outside her home in Scotland, Fiona Presly noticed a struggling queen bumblebee at her feet. Unsure of what to do, she contacted the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for help and learned that the bee likely had a virus known to affect wing development and flight ability, so the queen bee's chances of surviving in the wild were slim. Seeing as though the bee--now formally known as "Bee"--was otherwise healthy, Presly decided to give her a second chance at life and built her an enclosure with a private floral buffet. She continued to check on Bee daily and eventually formed a remarkable bond she'll never forget! -- Global Animal

Bow Your Heads To These Mysterious Musicians Of The Sea

(OCEANS/WHALES) Bow your heads to the newest artists of the sea! The bowhead whale is singing a different song compared to their friends the humpback or orca. These mysterious musicians are raising the bar, showing how diverse these gentle giants can be, and never singing the same tune. Read on to find out more about these unique composers. -- Global Animal

Rescued Squirrel Without Arms Makes Her Dad So Proud

(WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) When one man received a call that an injured squirrel needed help, he drove a whopping 17 hours to rescue her! The strong-willed squirrel--now named Karamel--lost her arms after being caught in a hunter's trap. Thanks to her new devoted dad who would do anything in the world for her, she received life-saving surgery and prosthetic arms so she can finally run again! For more of Karamel the squirrel, check her out on Instagram! -- Global Animal

A Pinky Promise: Imprisoned Pup Finally Freed

(DOGS/ANIMAL RESCUE) Fighting for animal rights is one of the best ways to help our furry friends. When Pinky, a mixed breed pit bull made a mistake, her punishment was unusually cruel. Luckily, animal welfare activist Diane Helmers stumbled upon Pinky's story and knew she had a duty to save this dog from “bureaucratic purgatory.” Read on to find out more about Pinky's story and how the love for one animal can start a movement. -- Global Animal

Dog Accidentally Runs In Half-Marathon, Finishes In 7th Place

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In 2016, a canine from Alabama became an Internet star after accidentally running a 13.1 mile half-marathon and finishing in seventh place with an impressive time of 1:32.56. The hound dog named Ludivine snuck out of her backyard in Elkmont, Alabama one Saturday morning, and found her way to the starting gate of the Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon. She even earned herself a medal for her physical prowess! -- Global Animal

Male Antelopes Trick Females For Sex

(WILDLIFE) Whoever said "all men are dogs," clearly hasn't encountered a male topi antelope before. Read below to learn how male topi antelopes trick females with false alarms of nearby danger to boost their chances for sex. Imagine that! – Global Animal

Hooch For Pooches? Using Pot To Ease Pet Pain

(PETS/ANIMAL WELFARE/MEDICINE) We love our animals and will do anything to stop their pain, but what if your beloved dog or cat was diagnosed with cancer and the vet’s medicine wasn’t enough? What would you do? Now with the growing acceptance of medical marijuana, many pet guardians are using the drug to ease their furry friends’ suffering. There are many stories of animals including dogs, cats, and even horses who have had their health restored by marijuana treatment, but since marijuana is classified as an illicit drug, veterinarians aren't legally allowed to prescribe cannabis to our pets. As a result, research on the the medical benefits of marijuana for animals is non-existent. With many states now legalizing the use of medical marijuana for humans, the question remains: should veterinarians also be allowed to legally prescribe marijuana to our pets? Read on for more about this controversial subject, and let us know what you think in the comments’ section below. — Global Animal

Shiba On A Swing

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This happy Shiba Inu pup simply loves to swing. Just look at him go! -- Global Animal