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How Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Shut Down A South Korean Dog Farm

(ANIMAL RESCUE/DOGS) While Olympic snowboarder Maddie Mastro rescued a dog named Jadu from a South Korean butcher's block, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy also made a significant impact for animals in South Korea. After rescuing street dogs during the Sochi Games in Russia and returning home with them in 2014, the freestyle skier repeated a similar mercy mission during last month's PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Once again with the help of Humane Society International (HSI), Kenworthy and his boyfriend, actor Matthew Wilkas, rescued 90 dogs from a South Korean dog meat farm, which has since been shut down. Most of the dogs are being flown to Canada where they'll eventually be available for adoption, but one of the dogs (affectionately named Beemo) is going home to the U.S. to live with the Olympian himself. Read below to learn more about Kenworthy's "heart-wrenching" trip to one of South Korea’s 17,000 dog meat farms. -- Global Animal

Pit Bull Brothers Relax With Mom On Couch

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) We've seen Darren and Phillip before, now see these pampered pit bull brothers as they spend the night relaxing with mom on the couch. What a life! For more of The Blueboys, follow them on Instagram.  -- Global Animal
Infants living in homes with pets are less likely to have health issues. Photo Credit: Solosana/Dreamstime

What Costs More: Pets Or Babies?

(PETS) Whether you're having a baby or adopting a fur-baby, there are a number of financial implications to anticipate. From food and formula to carriers and cribs, adding a new member to the family can add up quickly. SafeWise calculated the numbers indicating which costs more: pets or parenthood? Take a look at the average costs below. -- Global Animal

Little Fluff Ball Getting In The Cardio

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This little dog just loves to run! Watch her get in the cardio in this cute video clip. For more of this little fluff ball, follow Eva on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Roasted Cauliflower & Lentil Tacos With Creamy Chipotle Sauce

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) For this week's Meat-Free Monday, try this in-season recipe for March: roasted cauliflower and lentil tacos with creamy chipotle sauce. The golden, roasted cauliflower makes a great taco filling that's perfectly crispy, while the lentils are robustly seasoned with onions, garlic, tomato paste, cumin, and chili powder. Top it all off with a drizzle of spicy, creamy chipotle sauce and some fresh cilantro, and you have one seriously tasty taco. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

These Cats Love Window Cleaners

(CATS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) These two cats have an exceptional bond with the window washing guy. You could say he's the highlight of their day! -- Global Animal

The Puggiest Pug You’ll Ever See

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This may be the puggiest pug you will ever see, but there's nothing wrong having a few extra rolls! Just always keep an eye on it and be on the lookout for pet obesity. -- Global Animal

An Everyday Ingredient That’s Killing Orangutans

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Palm oil is now present in more than half of consumer packaged goods found in grocery stores across the U.S., including chips, cookies, cake mix, canned soup, baby formula, and more. The market's increasing demand for palm oil has threatened the existence of rainforests around the world, specifically those located in Southeast Asia. Destruction of what may be our last saving grace in preserving the earth's ecosystem also means endangering the lives of iconic species including the red-listed Sumatran and Borneo orangutans. Orangutans are said to be among our closest kin in the animal kingdom, and we're slowly killing them off without even realizing it. Read on to learn how you can prevent their currently inevitable destruction. — Global AnimaL

Cat & Baby Rhino Are Best Friends

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) When a baby rhino arrived at Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation orphanage, one cat named Mewie instantly fell in love. Jamila the rhino wasn't sure of him at first, but they've since developed an amazing bond. -- Global Animal

“Like A Humane Society With Guns”: Dutch Police Defend Animals In Danger

(ANIMAL WELFARE/ANIMAL RESCUE) As the first country to have an animal rights party in parliament, the Netherlands is paving the way for animal welfare enforcement. Described as "a Humane Society with guns, handcuffs and badges," the 250 members of the Dutch animal police force help enforce laws protecting pets, livestock, and wildlife from abuse. Given the direct link between violence against animals and violence against humans, the animal police force's work is largely a combination of both animal protection and human social services. Read on to learn more about these pioneers in animal protection and their significant impact in the Netherlands. -- Global Animal

Dogs Love Getting Sprayed By The Hose

(DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) There's no denying dogs absolutely love garden hoses. Watch as these 15 border collies jump for joy when getting sprayed by a hose on a hot day. -- Global Animal

Olympic Snowboarder Rescues Dog From South Korean Meat Trade

(CELEBRITIES/DOG RESCUE) While competing in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, U.S. snowboarder Maddie Mastro made it a point to visit a South Korean meat farm to rescue a dog slated for a dinner plate. While the SuperPipe bronze medalist already has three rescue dogs in her home and cannot take in another, the playful Korean Jindo named Plum (or "Jadu" in Korean) will soon be available for adoption at the Barking Lot Rescue in San Diego County. Jadu is just one of the thousands of dogs harvested for meat in South Korea and other Asian countries, and the Barking Lot Rescue has helped bring in over 200 dogs from the dog meat trade alone. Thanks to Mastro's compassion in action, not only is Jadu's life saved, but she will soon have a loving forever home. Continue reading and view the video clips below for more on this heartwarming rescue story. -- Global Animal

Lily The Masked Frenchie Works For Food

(DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) Sometimes you're trying to eat healthy, but everything looks so good! This video clip of a French Bulldog brooding over burgers encapsulates this sentiment perfectly. We can certainly all relate to this food fiend. For more of Lily the masked Frenchie, follow her on Instagram. -- Global Animal