Steve-O Finds True Love After Rescuing Peruvian Street Dog

(DOG RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) On a recent trip to Mount Tocllaraju in Peru for his YouTube series Ultimate Expedition, vegan celebrity Steve-O recruits a street dog to join him on some mountain climbing adventures. Little did he know, he would end up finding true love.

On Steve-O’s first day of filming, he bought some dog food and went around the streets feeding stray dogs.

“None of them wanted anything to do with me. Until I met Wendy,” he said.

Wendy followed Steve-O and his friends for over 20 minutes back to his hotel, where he attempted to sneak her in. Hotel Management didn’t allow dogs, but eventually let Steve-O and his buddy bring the dog inside to give her a bath. Steve-O decided to sleep outside in a tent with her, where she didn’t leave his side the entire night.

The very next day, Steve-O took Wendy to the vet to be washed, treated for worms and fleas, and vaccinated. She then joined Steve-O and his crew for mountain adventures and the two have since become life-long friends.

“I love this dog so much, she’s already got a flight to L.A,” he said.

Steve-O added that he intends to take Wendy with him everywhere he goes for the rest of her life. — Global Animal