This Is Wild: 19 Exotic Animals Doing Yoga

(FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE PHOTOS) Animals are naturally master yogis. Take a look at all these animals in a full array of yoga poses–or animal asanas–and take inspiration from their being-ness. – Global Animal

1. Sloth Child’s Pose:


2. Giraffe Child’s Pose:


3. Tiger Downward Dog:


4. Sea Lion Cobra Pose:


5. Fennec Fox Downward Dog:


6. Walrus Cobra Pose:


7. Capybara Child’s Pose:


8. Panda Leg Extension:


9. Monkey One Leg Stand:


10. Koala Triangle Pose:


11. Heron Garland Pose:


12. Kangaroo Standing Spinal Twist:

13. Elephant Crow Pose:


14. Lemur Lotus Pose:


15. Polar Bear Plow:


16. Gorilla Happy Baby Pose:


17. Lion Savasana:


18. Zebra Savasana:

19. Pelican Parivrtta Trikonasana  (photo by Pete Haase):

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