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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Dreaming Kitty Crashes Bike In His Sleep

(CUTE CATS/KITTENS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) This sleeping kitty apparently knows how to ride a bicycle in the dream world. Watch him pedal his paws like there's no tomorrow until...CRASH! -- Global Animal
A monkey and bird make unlikely, but fast friends. Photo Credit: Reddit

Everybody Loves A Hug (GALLERY)

(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) We all need somebody to lean on, and that includes our fellow animal friends. From big to small, tame to wild, animals of all shapes and sizes can’t turn down an honest-to-goodness hug. Check out these photos capturing some adorable embraces. — Global Animal

The Lonely Steer Who Found Love & Lots to Eat

(FARM/ANIMAL RESCUES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Isaac the steer was rescued from a hoarding facility in Florida that posed as an animal rescue with owners who were charged with animal cruelty. In this heartwarming video, witness the once-lonely, emaciated steer transform into a happy, healthy guy with a playful personality at his new home at Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York. -- Global Animal

20 Ways To Celebrate World Vegan Month

(GO GREEN/VEGANISM) November is World Vegan Month and there is no better time to transition to a vegan diet. World Vegan Month celebrates the founding of the world's first vegan organization. On November 1, 1944, The Vegan Society was founded in England by Donald Watson. He coined the term vegan and used it to refer to vegetarians who also abstained from eating dairy. Interest in a vegan diet is on the rise and more people are eating less meat. There are many reasons to enjoy a vegan diet, including health and environmental benefits. But for many, it is a matter of animal rights and boycotting an industry that treats animals inhumanely. Below are some tips to help transition into a cruel-free diet and celebrate World Vegan Month. — Global Animal

When Someone Doesn’t Get The Concept Of Personal Space

(DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Not everybody understands the concept of personal space. Sometimes you just gotta cuddle! -- Global Animal