(HOLIDAYS/PETS) Now that the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it’s time to take a break from material possessions and do something that ‘s good for the heart and soul.

Today, for Giving Tuesday, why not give back to animals? The shopping list below offers the perfect gifts for both pets and pet lovers. Whether you’re donating to your favorite animal charity or symbolically adopting an endangered animal plush toy, you can rest assured you’ve helped make the world a slightly better place.

Read on for the complete list of gifts that give back to animals, and get giving today! — Global Animal

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You’ve made it through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, now it’s time to do something that makes you feel good.

Giving Tuesday was created to encourage shoppers to take a break from the material possessions that can overwhelm the holiday season, and instead focus on donating time and funds to the causes you care about.

We’ve found a way to blend giving back with the gift-shopping you still need to get done. Each item on this list of perfect gifts for pet lovers also donates much needed funds and supplies to animal charities around the world. And it’s a triple win for you: Cross one more gift off the list, give the second gift of doing good in some else’s name, and go to bed knowing you made the world a little bit better today.

So let’s get giving!

Bark Box

Sign yourself or a friend up for BarkBox on #GivingTuesday, or buy some canine goodies from Bark Shop, and Bark & Co will donate $10 to dogs in need. Plus, you’ll get a discount too. Aren’t dog people the nicest?

Pecs and Pups Calendar 

Give the gift of hot men and gorgeous dogs with this steamy calendar that delivers exactly what the title promises for 12 months. All the proceeds from the calendar go to Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue, a non-profit dedicated to helping animals find forever homes.


All pups love peanut butter, but some dogs never get to experience the salty treat. DOG for DOG is working to change that. For every product purchased from the site, including the company’s peanut butter designed especially for pups, DOG for Dog donates an equal amount of food to dogs in need.

Donate to Your Favorite Animal Charity 

Your donations mean even more on Giving Tuesday. Animal charities like Best Friends Animal SocietyASPCA, and World Animal Protection are matching all of the donations they receive today, so your gift has double the power. Halo Pets is helping The Humane Society of United States give even more, by donating a bowl of pet food for every dollar HSUS receives on Giving Tuesday.

Photo Credit: AnimalHearted.com

Animal Hearted Apparel 

Help your favorite animal lover speak his or her mind and save needy creatures with Animal Hearted clothing. Twenty-five percent of every sale on Animal Hearted goes to a non-profit animal shelter or rescue.

Rescue Chocolate 

Give the gift of sweets, while doing something sweet for needy pets. All of the net profits made by this Brooklyn-based vegan chocolatier go to animal organizations across the globe.

Photo Credit: TheAnimalRescueSite.com

Animal Rescue Site Goodies

These pug slippers and every other adorable item for sale on the Animal Rescue Sitetranslate into a certain amount of food and care for shelter animals. Buy the product and fund a substantial amount of pet food donations at the same time.

“Adopt” Your Favorite Species

Purchase a precious plush from the World Wildlife Fund, and that money will go to help protect and save the real life version of that stuffed animal.