(DOG ADOPTION/ANIMAL VIDEOS) After a Florida animal shelter noticed that many people interested in adopting dogs were focusing on breed rather than personality, they came up with a fun, nerdy way to showcase their dogs’ personalities using Harry Potter references.

Wanting people see their dogs for who they really are, Pet Alliance Orlando began sorting the dogs into Hogwarts houses. Each dog is sorted based on his/her personality (Gryffindors are brave and heroic, Slytherins are determined and resourceful, Hufflepuffs are kind and loyal, and Ravenclaws are intelligent and witty).

Once a dog is sorted into a house, he/she gets a special house banner for their kennel, so that every potential adopter walking by knows exactly which house he’s in.

The concept has been a huge success so far, and has actually helped a lot of dogs get adopted into loving forever homes. — Global Animal