When Bow Meets Meow: Introducing Your Dog To A New Kitten

(PETS/CATS & DOGS) Bringing home a new four-legged friend can be exciting and stressful at the same time–not only for you but for your other fur babies, too.

Extra care should be taken to introduce the new roomies so that no one gets hurt and a life-long bond can eventually form.

With all this in mind, please continue reading for great suggestions on having a successful introduction of a new cat or dog member to your family. — Global Animal

The DoDo, Lily Feinn

Making room for a new pet can be an adjustment for the whole family — including the faithful pup already at your home. Even if your dog has lived with cats in the past, it’s always best to take things slow when introducing a kitten to a resident dog.

Every dog will react differently to a new addition entering his territory. For some dogs, the new family member will be an annoyance, while others may be excited for a kitten playmate. You can never predict how things are going to go — take Ozzy the pit bull.

When Ozzy’s family fostered a pregnant stray cat, they weren’t sure how their rescue pup would adjust to their rapidly growing family. When five kittens were finally born, Ozzy couldn’t have been more delighted. The doting dog loved to lick and cuddle the kittens. In fact, Ozzy got along so well with the cats that his family decided to adopt the mom and one of the kittens.