(ANIMAL RESCUE/ANIMAL VIDEOS) This woman had to search for weeks to find her beloved dog Tank, after Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX. Linda Cantu’s dog was inadvertently taken from her the Saturday after Harvey hit, when untrained volunteer dog rescuers from a known local rescue were a little too zealous trying to “sweep clean” dogs on the streets. Watch the duo’s heartwarming reunion in the video clip above. — Global Animal

Donate to Help Hurricane Harvey Animal Victims

Global Animal Foundation continues to accept donations to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey. With countless animals left unclaimed and in need of care, these disaster relief programs need your help more than ever.

Without the help of concerned Global Animals, these organizations are unable to make such a strong difference and help these animals affected by natural disasters. Thank you for your generosity on behalf of the lost, injured, and frightened animals. Your compassion in action and support of Global Animal Foundation is saving the lives of animals in crisis.