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Monthly Archives: September 2017

This Dog Loves Road Trips

(DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This dog just loves road trips and isn't afraid to show it! -- Global Animal

Wanted: Cat Purrfessionals

(FUNNY CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In celebration of Labor Day, enjoy this year's annual Careers For Cats video! Is your cat lying around the house all day doing nothing? It's time to bust out kitty's resume and paw the pavement! -- Global Animal

Dog Dunks Entire Head In Mud

(FUNNY DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) "Get a dog," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. This dog won't stop putting his entire head into the mud, and it's absolutely adorable--that is, unless you're the one stuck giving him a bath. -- Global Animal

Dog Sings Along With Mom

(FUNNY DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This dog's mom loves to sing and play piano, but he refuses to let her do it all by herself. -- Global Animal

Dog Helps Dad With His Push-Ups

(FUNNY DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Looking for a new personal trainer? Well, look no further! This Bernese Mountain dog will help you get the most out of your workout! Afterall, that paw is not as light as you'd think. Believe it or not, these big dogs can weigh as much as 110 pounds. -- Global Animal

TAKE ACTION: Hurricane Harvey Animal Victims Need Our Help!

(HURRICANE HARVEY/ANIMAL RESCUE) Being the most powerful storm to hit the mainland in over a decade, Hurricane Harvey has completely wreaked havoc throughout Texas and Louisiana. To put things in perspective, an estimated 20 trillion gallons dumped on the 2.3 million-person city of Houston since Harvey came ashore. Some parts of Texas received as much as 50 inches of rain, causing extensive property damage that could reach $190 billion. The torrential rain, devastating winds, and widespread flooding has resulted in 39 human casualties and driven over one million people and their pets out of their flooded homes. Fortunately, an extensive network of animal rescue groups from all over the U.S. are rushing to provide aid as first responders are working round-the-clock to save stranded pets. In Houston alone, there likely are thousands upon thousands of displaced pets in need. These animals desperately need our help. Please consider making a donation, no matter how small, to make this life-saving work possible. -- Global Animal

Go Ape For International Primate Day!

(PRIMATES/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Today, September 1 is International Primate Day, a day dedicated to preserving and protecting primates of all species including chimpanzees, monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, and many more. Animal Defenders International (ADI) founded Primate Day in 2005 with a specific focus on putting an end to experimenting on monkeys for disease research. This year, the organization is calling on legislators to put an end to the cruel capture of wild primates and take measures to prohibit their use in entertainment, animal research, and as exotic pets. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), more than a third of primates are considered critically endangered or threatened species. Read on to learn about how poaching and habitat loss are impacting our animal relatives, and see how you can help make a difference by visiting My Mate's A Primate. -- Global Animal

When You Come Home Late & Dad Is Waiting At The Door

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) As teenagers, we've all experienced that moment when you get home late and mom and dad are waiting at the door. This puppy is learning that lesson the hard way. -- Global Animal