Bulldog With Three Legs Finds The Perfect Mom

(RESCUE DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) French Bulldog Bethanee Hamilton was found abandoned on the side of the road outside Portland, Oregon. She was sent to a local shelter where she flat-lined while undergoing a routine spaying surgery. Miraculously, she came back to life.

Shortly after, Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue, which rescues and re-homes English and French Bulldogs in need, stepped in and soon discovered that her back left paw was rapidly swelling. It was confirmed that Beth had a cancerous mast cell, and unfortunately the only cure was to remove the leg.

By chance, her now-guardian Lindsay, applied to adopt this sick pup in need, despite hundreds of applicants ahead of her in line. Luckily for Lindsay, who is a freelance designer with a flexible schedule, she was the perfect candidate as she’s able to provide 24-7 care for this special dog.

Adopting Bethanee just a month after her surgery, Lindsay created an Instagram account, “PardonThyFrench,” to document Beth’s recovery, and the creative adjustments that adapting to three legs would require.

Follow beautiful Bethanee on Facebook and/or Instagram, and visit her website, where proceeds go towards the Pardon Thy French Emergency Vet Fund. — Global Animal