Judge Judy Solves Doggy Dispute In Seconds

(DOGS/PETS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) TV magistrate Judith Sheindlin “Judge Judy” pulled an unprecedented move in her courtroom during a recent episode involving a doggy custody dispute.

A man filed suit against a woman, claiming he was the rightful guardian of her dog. The woman said that she bought the dog off the street outside a shopping center (which is, in and of itself, suspicious), but Judy was quick to interrupt. She ordered that the dog be brought into the courtroom and let loose on the floor so he could choose his true companion.

“Madame, listen to me carefully: Put the dog down!” Judy ordered. “Put the dog down.”

The dog immediately ran to the plaintiff, jumping up on his legs.

“That’s my dog!” the man exclaimed in tears.

“That’s all,” Judge Judy finished. “Take the dog home.”

Justice is served! — Global Animal