(PUPPIES/DOG ADOPTION/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Puppies on a gorgeous Caribbean island? What more could you need?! In Providenciales in Turks and Caicos, you’ll find Potcake Place, a volunteer-run organization working to reduce the island’s stray dog population.

Founder Jane Parker-Rauw said when she first moved to the islands from England in 1997 to run a spa, she noticed a number of puppies roaming the streets.

“People really didn’t know what to do with them,” she told ABC News. “They’d be just roaming in packs, and there was not really anything here to help.”

So Parker-Raux established Potcake Place–not only to remove stray puppies from the streets, but also to facilitate up to 500 adoptions a year to locals and people overseas.

But if you’re just visiting the island for vacation, you’re in luck! Since many of the puppies haven’t interacted with people, and some of them are victims of abuse on the streets, the adoption center encourages socializing the puppies with visitors before finding their forever homes.

“You don’t have to adopt a dog in order to help us,” Parker-Rauw said.

Who doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach and snuggling with adorable pups?! — Global Animal