(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS/SHELTER DOGS) The Cone of Shame is every dog’s worst enemy, but it’s a necessary evil that allows them to quickly heal from surgery and other health issues.

Erin Einbender started creating Cones of Fame to change the negative stigma behind these collars. She turned her attention to shelter dogs stuck in the bulky collars after their spay/neuter surgeries because, “the dogs looked so sad in their cones and the cones have been associated with shame. I wanted the cones to represent something positive and had the idea of blinging them out.” 

She began crafting elaborately-themed cones for shelter dogs, and then taking photos of the dogs in their final look to help them get adopted into forever homes.

Cones of Fame is spreading quickly, and Einbender is eager to work with more shelters and collaborate with artists and fashion designers.

To keep up with Cones of Fame, follow the project on Facebook here. — Global Animal