(DOGS/PETS) With summer in full force, the extra hours of sunlight and warmer weather make it a perfect time to incorporate some new, fun activities into your schedule for you and your dog.

Read on for outdoor activities and pet tips to have an active, safe summer!

Photo credit: cheryl strahl via Flickr

1. Go hiking

Head into the woods or into the hills for a refreshing, healthy hike. Hit the trails and give your pup ample opportunity to explore, sniff, and follow their true canine instincts in the outdoors. It’s always important to be prepared and well-supplied on hikes. Bring plenty of water and snacks for you and your pooch, and everyone will stay happy, energized, and hydrated!

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2. Spend the day at the beach

As temperatures rise, head to the beach for a relaxing dip or playful romp in the ocean. Although many beaches have limited access for dogs, there are plenty that are still canine-friendly. Check out our list of seaside spots that both you and your pooch will enjoy. Remember to bring plenty of fresh water to drink!

Photo credit: The Daily Mail

3. Ice cream social

Grab your canine companion and hunt down one of the burgeoning ice cream trucks or shops catering to dogs. Choose between treats, yogurts, and fruit cups and your pooch will definitely give you a lick of approval!

Photo credit: soundingsonline via Flickr

4. Go boating

Thinking about heading out on a sailboat, yacht, or kayak? Don’t leave your pet behind! Introduce them to the boat slowly while it is docked or on the trailer. Start up the engine and see how your pet reacts (make sure to give them treats to support good behavior!). Once your dog or cat is seaworthy, start off on smaller trips and work your way to longer boat rides. It can be a great summer past time for the both of you, but it’s also important to take safety precautions so that everyone can have a fun, safe time out on the water.

  • Make sure your pet’s identification includes up-to-date information including the local marina’s address and phone number and a dock slip if applicable.
  • Animals get sunburnt too! Make sure there is adequate shade and apply pet-safe sunscreen to ears, nose, paws and any other susceptible areas.
  • Bring a flotation device for your pet that they have been accustomed to beforehand.
  • And don’t forget lots of water!
Photo credit: Nathanael Jones/Pacific Coast News

5. Hang ten

Does your dog love the water? Surf the waves with your pooch onboard. Want to take it up a notch? Get competitive for a good cause. More beachside communities are hosting canine surf competitions with funds going to animal charities. Dogs are judged on confidence level, length of ride, and overall ability to rip the waves. A snazzy lifejacket is a must!

— Tazi Phillips, exclusive to Global Animal