(PET CARE/DOGS) If we commit ourselves and our dogs to a healthy lifestyle, we will share many more fond doggy memories. This includes maintaining a good diet, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly.

Read on to learn more about the three pillars to keep both you and your dog healthy. – Global Animal

What’s best for our dog is also what’s best for ourselves. Photo Credit: canineclassicboudler.webs.com

(Dog)Spired, Leslie Brown

Naturally, we all want whatever is best for our dog. However, sometimes because of our hectic schedules, we tend to put our dog’s care at the bottom of our list. Or, his welfare just becomes a habit of chores we perform daily without giving it too much thought. We get out of bed in the morning, let the dog out, fill his water bowl, dump a couple of scoops of food in his dish, and go on with our daily routine. This can get very boring for both you and your dog.

Exercising your dog daily is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In order to maintain your dog’s health, there are three basic things you need to give him:

  • A good diet
  • Plenty of fresh water
  • Exercise

A good diet is essential to your dog’s health. Be careful of what types of food you buy! Always read the ingredients label, and do not rely on the brand name of the dog food. Look for an “all natural” dog food. Try to stay away from any dog food that contains filler and by-products. The saying “you get what you pay for” definitely applies here.

Although an all natural dog food will probably be more expensive, studies have shown that your dog will, in almost all cases, eat more of the “bargain brand” than the all natural dog food. The bargain brands will pass through your dog more quickly because they do not contain as much of the daily nutrients that your dog needs to live a healthy life. This will lead to your dog being hungrier more often, and he will therefore eat more food, more often. Your dog will retain more of the nutrients contained in the all natural food, which means he will be less hungry, develop a healthier coat, have more energy, and will be in good overall health.

Among dog parents who went for regular walks, 60 percent met the criteria for regular, moderate, or vigorous exercise. Photo Credit: Kevin Moloney, New York Times

Give your dog plenty of fresh water. Change it as often as you can think about it. A good rule of thumb is that every time you get yourself something to drink, add fresh water to your dog’s bowl.

Exercise your dog daily. This is also good for you. Take him for long walks, or throw a ball or stick around the backyard. Remember that your dog’s heart and muscles need exercise just like yours to continue to grow and stay healthy.

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  1. Totally agree!  Bargain brand or “grocery store brand” foods are not worth a dime!  Here’s the best recipe for a homemade diet that I have found and it’s easy and cheap to make. 

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