Over 1 Million Penguins Gather In Argentina

(PENGUINS/WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) It’s mating season for Magellanic penguins, which means more than a million penguins have descended upon Argentina’s Punta Tombo peninsula. Officials claim this is the largest colony to land on these shores in recent years, which is likely due to the abundance of sardines, anchovies, and small crustaceans close to the shoreline. The penguins will migrate as far as Brazil through September, and will come ashore in the fall so males and females can take turns watching over their eggs and hunting for food. Despite such large annual gatherings, the species is still threatened by climate change, oil spills, and the decline of fish populations, meaning the birds have to swim much further to hunt. Click here to see how you can help save these beloved birds. — Global Animal