Brewery Gives Paw-ternity Leave To New Puppy Parents

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(DOGS/PETS) The founders of BrewDog live for two things: people and beer. So it comes as no surprise that the Scottish brewery, with a new location in Ohio, is offering dog-enriched employee benefits, which even include puppy parental leave.

More than 1,000 BrewDog employees around the world will now be able to take a week of PTO if they bring a new puppy or dog into their home.

Read on and watch the video clip below to learn more about BrewDog and it’s doggy-driven employee perks. — Global Animal

BrewDog brewery offers employee benefits which include a week of paid time off for new dog parents. Photo Credit: PA

CNN, AJ Willingham

Who wants to work in a brewery?

[Crowd goes wild]

Who wants to work in a brewery that also gives you time off when you get a new dog?

[Crowd is screeching, uncontrollable. They claw at their faces with joy.]

BrewDog, an aptly named Scottish brewery with a new location in Ohio, is upping its employee benefits game by offering a week off for workers who get a new puppy or dog. Why?

“We care about two things above all else. People and beer,” brewery co-founder James Watt told USA Today. “We also just really like dogs.”

Fair enough. Also, dogs are a lot of work! If you get a new puppy, you’re basically covered in poop for days. If you rescue an older dog, you’re busy trying to convince it you are worthy of its love.

“We wanted to take the stress out of the situation and let our teams take the time they need to welcome their new puppy or dog into their family,” Watt said.

For families with less hair, the company has “enhanced paternity and maternity pay,” and all of these perks apply to the more than 1,000 BrewDog employees around the world.

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