(ANIMAL RESCUE/DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) In this dramatic rescue video, a dog named Houdini is finally rescued and brought to a shelter after living on his own in San Pedro, California for more than two years. Rescue group Hope For Paws chronicled the elaborate three-day rescue attempt in which a group of volunteers, armed with temporary fences and netting, finally managed to catch him.

“People at the port fed him and gave him water, but he wouldn’t allow anyone to get too close to him,” Hope for Paws Founder Eldad Hagar said. “He was just too scared.”

Understandably a bit skittish after the event, Houdini has since warmed up to human interaction, and is now available for adoption.

“Houdini is doing great,” Hagar told The Dodo. “He is such a happy dog, loves people, loves dogs, it’s almost weird how fast he turned around.” — Global Animal