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Monthly Archives: December 2016

When You Get Home And Finally Take Off Your Heels

(CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Ladies know the feeling all too well--when you get home after a long day and finally get to take off your heels. -- Global Animal

New Year, New China? World’s Largest Ivory Market To Shut Down

(IVORY TRADE/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) In a historic move, China is banning all ivory sales by the end of 2017. While an estimated 50 to 70 percent of all smuggled elephant ivory ends up in China, the new legislation would effectively shut down the world's largest ivory market. And with more elephants currently being killed than born, this groundbreaking decision could deal a critical blow to rampant elephant and rhino poaching throughout Africa. Following years of increasing international and domestic pressure from wildlife protection advocates, this long-awaited ruling demonstrates China's newfound determination to help save the world's elephant populations. Read on to learn more about this extraordinary step in the right direction, and how the ban is expected to reverberate around the world. -- Global Animal

Is This A Cat, Or Kylo Ren?

(CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Is it just us, or does this cat look exactly like Kylo Ren from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Meet Dobby the Cat, an oriental shorthair who always gets mistaken for Dobby from Harry Potter. But it seems this kitty has yet another doppelganger! Take a look! What do you think? -- Global Animal

Meet Aurora: The World’s Most Majestic Cat

(CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Princess Aurora the pampered cat is an Instagram star. Not only does she have hundreds of thousands of devoted followers on Instagram, but she also has a wardrobe that's better than our own! She's arguably the world's most majestic cat--what do you think? -- Global Animal

Dog Dancing To Wham!

(FUNNY DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) In remembrance of the late George Michael, watch Minnie the French Bulldog bounce and boogie to Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." She can really bust a move! -- Global Animal

Dog Feeds Her Family After Being Given Food

(DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) After a compassionate stranger handed food to this hungry dog, she runs off without eating it in order to put her beloved family first. -- Global Animal

When You Can’t Stop Winding Your Family Up

(PETS/CATS & DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) We all have that one family member who just loves to wind everybody up. Take this pup, for instance, who just wants to relax, but a certain someone refuses to give up. -- Global Animal

Washington State Birds Soaring High Again

(BIRDS/ENDANGERED SPECIES) Washington state bird populations are making a remarkable comeback. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission recently removed bald eagles and peregrine falcons from the state list of "sensitive species," reflecting the species' steady recovery since the 1970s when the pesticide DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) was federally banned. However, these bird species will continue to be federally protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and the Lacey Act. What's more, the state commission also reclassified American white pelicans from "endangered" to "threatened" status. Despite the population's rebound in recent years, the birds still remain vulnerable as there is only one breeding colony in the entire state. Read on to learn more about the significance of these rebounding bird populations. -- Global Animal

Guinea Pigs Can’t Stop Eating Brussels Sprouts

(PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Brussels sprouts are not only delicious, but they are also rich in protein, iron, potassium, and Vitamin C, which can help boost your overall health. These guinea pigs love them so much, they just can't stop snacking away! Have you had your sprouts today? -- Global Animal

Pygmy Goat With Happy Feet

(FARM ANIMALS/GOATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Watch this adorable two-day-old baby pygmy goat strut his stuff! — Global Animal

Pee-Yew! Stop Submissive Urination Now

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR/PET CARE) Does your dog often pee inside, despite being house broken? If he or she does this while in a timid posture, it could be submissive urination. Read on for signs of submissive urination, and for tips from the Humane Society of the United States on how to break the habit. — Global Animal

Dog Squeezes Toy Through Doggie Door

(FUNNY DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) In this funny dog video, this little guy tries his hardest to take his favorite stuffed animal out into the yard. At first, the two seem too big to fit through the doggie door, but persistence is key. — Global Animal

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Iced Gingerbread

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Gingerbread is a holiday favorite and a wonderful dessert for New Year's Eve parties. This recipe includes a delicious vanilla icing to drape over the gingerbread. Cut the loaf into slices and enjoy for breakfast or cut into square cubes and serve as bite-sized hors d'oeuvres! — Global Animal

Dog Plays Fetch With Statue

(CUTE DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) This dog is determined to get the stone-hearted man to throw his stick. He knows a great game of fetch and can't understand why the guy won't play along. What a poor sport! — Global Animal