(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) The 2016 Presidential Election results are in! And let’s face it, not everyone is very happy about it.

Having a rough day? Here is the perfect pick-me-up: adorable baby animal pictures! — Global Animal

A newborn female Asiatic elephant calf plays at Ostrava’s Zoo in the Czech Republic. Photo Credit: Joe Klamar, AFP/Getty Images
Two baby Sumatran tiger cubs cuddle at the zoo in Frankfurt, Germany. Photo Credit: Boris Roessler, AFP/Getty Images
wo polar bear cubs, Gregor and Aleut, at the Tiergarten Zoo in Nuremberg, southern Germany. Photo Credit: David Ebener, AFP/Getty Images
Ring-tailed coati cubs play at the zoo in Duisburg, western Germany. Photo Credit: Martin Meissner, AP
Two baby Asian small-clawed otters sit with an adult at the zoo in Heidelberg, southwestern Germany. Photo Credit: Ronald Wittek, AFP/Getty Images
A lion cub yawns at the Lion Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo Credit: Mustafa Ozer, AFP/Getty Images
A baby baboon crawls atop an adult at the Hellabrunn zoo in Munich, southern Germany. Photo Credit: Christof Stache, AFP/Getty Images
Firefly, a baby rhino, at the Wilds Conservation Center in Cumberland, Ohio. Photo Credit: The Wilds Conservation Center, AP
A newborn baby Giant Anteater rides on the back of his mom, Evita, at the San Francisco Zoo in California. Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
A baby panda chews on bamboo at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, China. Photo Credit: Ian Walton, Getty Images
Baby ducklings climb up a board ramp to access their “pond” in a retirment community near Lancaster, PA. Photo Credit: Richard Hertzler, Lancaster Newspapers/AP
A baby Spider Monkey named Estela plays at the Melbourne Zoo. Estela was abandoned at birth and has received 24/7 care from Primate Department Keepers since her birth. Photo Credit: William West, AFP/Getty Images
A hen cares for one of her 13 newborn ostriches at the zoo in Berlin. Photo Credit: Joerg Carstensen, AFP/Getty Images
A two-day old Mustang-Arabian colt runs alongside his mom, Maggie, in a corral in Dover, Massachusetts. Maggie, 3, is one of nine feral horses rescued in Western Mass. by the MSPCA. Photo Credit: Elise Amendola, AP
Melbourne Zoo’s newest primate baby, a three week-old black and white Colobus monkey, is held in the arms of her mother, Clover. Photo Credit: William West, AFP/Getty Images
A newborn male orca whale named K-44 is shown swimming with his mother, K-27, near Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. Photo Credit: Astrid van Ginneken, Center for Whale Research, AP
A newborn golden-bellied capuchin named Pinu’u sits on the back of his mother, Ibama, at the Cologne zoo in Germany. Photo Credit: Timur Emek, AP
A three-day-old white lion cub sleeps in Belgrade Zoo, Serbia. Photo Credit: Darko Vojinovic, AP
A baby flamingo plays peek-a-boo at the zoo of Hanover in northern Germany. Photo Credit: Holger Hollemann, AFP/Getty Images
A newborn African elephant lifts his trunk as he investigates onlookers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Photo Credit: Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo Safari Park