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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Caramel Popcorn

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) What's Halloween without some caramel goodness? Vegan caramel can be difficult to find in a store because it's generally butter- or cream-based, but it is surprisingly effortless to make at home with simple substitutions. This creamy caramel popcorn recipe is easy to make because it doesn't require a candy thermometer and is sure to satisfy any caramel craving. This crunchy, sweet treat is great for any holiday gathering and can make a great gift for friends and family! — Global Animal

Baby Tortoises Feast On Hibiscus Flower

(TORTOISES/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) To these baby tortoises, a hibiscus flower is just like chocolate. Watch them have a feeding frenzy! -- Global Animal

Duck Chases Dog In Ultimate Game Of Cat-And-Mouse

(DOGS/ANIMAL FRIENDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) In this new game of cat-and-mouse, watch a dog and duck create a lasting friendship as they chase each other around a huge rock at the park. The feathery friend tries outsmarting his canine companion, and whenever the dog changes directions, the duck follows suit. -- Global Animal

Can Cats See Ghosts?

(CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Just in time for National Cat Day and Halloween, we ask the question: "Can cats see ghosts?" What do you think? Cats certainly exhibit some strange behavior. For instance, do you ever catch your cat staring at something we can't see, or listening to something we can't hear? Take a look at this video clip, and share your thoughts in the comments below. -- Global Animal

For This Golden Retriever, Gumby Is Real!

(DOGS/GOLDEN RETRIEVERS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) Ever wondered how to make your dog's day? Just bring his/her favorite toy to life! Watch this Golden Retriever named Jolene have the best reaction when she sees the human-sized version of her favorite Gumby toy.-- Global Animal

Should You Kiss Your Dog?

(DOGS/LIFE WITH PETS) We all love getting kisses from our furry friends. After all, it's only natural! But many pet parents often wonder whether kissing your dog is actually safe. It seems harmless enough, but dogs' mouths are hosts to a large array of various types of bacteria, viruses, and yeast. Some bacteria can even be passed to humans and cause disease. Since only a small amount of a dog's saliva can be absorbed through the skin, it's very unlikey to cause any problems--especially in a healthy person. However, pathogens can be absorbed more easily through a person's nose, mouth, and eyes, so experts suggest it's better to avoid letting your dog lick those parts of your face. Read on to learn more about how bacteria can be trasmitted from dogs to humans, and see what precautions you can take. -- Global Animal

Little Girl & Owl Are BFFs

(OWLS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Those of us Harry Potter fans have always longed for a pet owl like Harry's feathered friend Hedwig. In this video clip, one little girl's dreams come true. Watch as she hugs and kisses her owl best friend, who even returns the favor with some affectionate pecks back. -- Global Animal

Dog Eats Rain From Car Window

(FUNNY DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Some things are meant to be caught on camera. Watch this dog have the time of his life as he sticks his head out the car window and tries his best to eat falling rain drops. -- Global Animal

A Nightmare For Dolphins Shipped To The Desert For New Tourist Attraction

(MARINE PARKS/DOLPHINS IN CAPTIVITY) Despite growing public opposition to places like SeaWorld and Marineland, Dolphinaris Arizona--a new $20 million dolphin park near Scottsdale, Arizona--officially opened it doors on October 15. The tourist attraction currently features three captive dolphins and provides customers with the opportunity to pay hundreds of dollars for "interactive experiences" like swimming with the dolphins. Critics are concerned about the effect the desert climate will have on the animals, as it poses great risks to dolphins including respiratory infections due to excessive heat. And although the aquarium is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture, it will not be held to state-level regulations. While places like the National Aquarium in Baltimore are retiring their captive dolphins to a sea pen sanctuary, this new tourist attraction is a huge step backwards for marine animal welfare. Activists are particularly upset after the three live dolphins were recently shipped via FedEx from Hawaii to Arizona, yet Dolphin Quest maintains that it was perfectly safe and legal to do so. However, flying marine mammals in a jet across the ocean is potentially harmful to the animals. And sadly, this is how all captive dolphins are transported from one marine park to another. There's no denying captive dolphin programs take an immense toll on the health and well-being of the animals involved. As a result, dolphins in captivity often die well before their life expectancy in the wild. Read on to learn more about the Mexico-based Dolphinaris, and pledge to boycott all marine parks and swim-with-dolphins programs. -- Global Animal

When Was The Last Time You Were This Happy?

(FUNNY DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This dog is living the good life. Seriously, when was the last time you were this happy? When you're a dog, it's all about the little things. -- Global Animal

Elana’s Meat-Free Monday: Pumpkin Spice Latte

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Vegans want to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, too! The drink's demand is clearly apparent given the recent petition to Starbucks asking for a dairy-free option, so I figured this would be a good time to share my own recipe for pumpkin spice syrup. This recipe packs in more pumpkin than most vegan and non-vegan recipes and is a little light on the spice, so feel free to spice it up according to your taste. I have replaced condensed milk with a combination of almond milk and vegan powdered sugar, making the syrup creamy and similar to the Starbucks version. This recipe makes more syrup than necessary for the single latte serving so you can continue to enjoy it all week long!  — Global Animal

This Little Dog’s Dreams Were Just Shattered

(FRENCH BULLDOGS/FUNNY PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Sorry to burst your bubble, little Frenchie pup! But don't worry--there's always more bubbles to come! -- Global Animal

Better Than Bouquets: Wedding Uses Puppies Instead Of Flowers

(PUPPIES/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) When most couples tie the knot, flowers play a big role. But Kathryn and Brad Ziemer took a less traditional route, and instead used rescue puppies for their professional photos to promote dog adoption. The couple are big supporters of Second-hand Hounds in Eden Prairie, which is an organization that rescues dogs from high kill shelters, so they felt it was only fitting to ditch the flowers for puppies instead! What a wonderful idea! -- Global Animal

The Walking Dead: Puppy Edition

(PUPPIES/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Do you like puppies? Either way, we've got the perfect video for you! Presenting The Walking Dead: Puppy Edition! -- Global Animal