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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Heroes Of The Flood: How Two Vets Saved 33 Dogs In Louisiana

(ANIMAL RESCUE/NATURAL DISASTER RELIEF) Animal rescue efforts are still underway following the Great Flood of 2016. The Humane Society of Louisiana put out a call for help after the Louisiana floods devastated the Livingston Parish region. Dogs were found stranded on the roof of the flooded Denham Springs Animal Shelter, but luckily Dr. Liza Ledet and Ashley Geoghegan, two veterinarians from the Mandeville Animal Hospital, came to the rescue. The two vets and their staff members are being credited with saving the lives of more than 30 dogs rescued from the Louisiana floodwaters. This week, Jeff Dorson of the Humane Society of Louisiana thanked the dedicated vets by presenting them each with a special "Heroes of the Flood" award for their noble efforts. Not only did they save 33 animal lives, but they are also committed to caring for the animals--out-of-pocket---until they're adopted. "We had 17 dogs that were just rescued from the flood that needed immediate help, and who could help us,"Jeff Dorson said. "Their answers were, 'We can. Just bring them in and we'll figure it out.'" Thanks to Global Animal donors like you, so far we've distributed over $2,200 to help animals affected by the floods. Funds are being dispersed between the Humane Society of Louisiana (HSL) and Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge (CAABR) to assist with field rescue operations and sheltering services. Learn more about the Humane Society of Louisiana and the Mandeville Animal Hospital's flood relief efforts in the article and video clip below. -- Global Animal

Frenchie Loves Watermelon

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO/FRENCH BULLDOGS) There's no doubt that French Bulldogs love watermelon! Witness Theo the brindle Frenchie as he tackles the Watermelon Eating Challenge! Follow him on Instagram @hokus_theo. -- Global Animal

Kind Man Saves Skunk Stuck In Coke Can

(ANIMAL RESCUE/WILDLIFE/ANIMAL VIDEO) Earlier this week, Mike MacMillan did what he described as "the bravest thing in my life," when he freed a skunk who had his head stuck in a Coke can. "I couldn't live with myself thinking of this guy dying a slow death with a can on his head...I assumed that I was going to get sprayed and I thought 'Oh well, this is what I'm going to have to do today,'" he told the Huffington Post Canada. Lucky for us, the kind man filmed the entire rescue mission. Take a look at his compassion in action! -- Global Animal

Two-Legged Dog Abandoned As A Puppy Finally Has A Real Family

(DOGS/ANIMAL RESCUE/ANIMAL VIDEO) Meet Ellie, the two-legged dog. Ellie has no idea she's different from the other dogs. She may have been born a little different, but she won't let anything get in her way. She just wants to show you what love is after being adopted from the local shelter. For more of her adorableness, follow Ellie "Bells" on Facebook. -- Global Animal

Montreal’s New Breed-Specific Law Serves Death Sentence To Pit Bulls

(ANIMAL NEWS/PIT BULLS) CANADA -- This week, Montreal made the decision to ban the new ownership of pit bulls and similar dog breeds, which will go into effect across all 19 boroughs beginning October 3, 2016. The new breed-specific legislation outlaws any dog who resembles a pit bull--including American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and Staffordshire bull terriers--unless residents meet a strict set of guidelines. What's more, no dog who is considered a pit bull can be adopted from Montreal shelters either. Animal rescue groups have been working against the clock to find new homes for pit bull-type dogs currently in city shelters, focusing their search in western provinces that don't have such bans in place. But many question whether the city will be able to enforce the new law, claiming it may create a bigger problem than a solution as it will force residents to illegally hold dogs in violation of the ban. Support for these laws is based on the misconception that pit bulls are more aggressive than other dog breeds, but the truth is any dog breed can become dangerous when they're raised to be aggressive. Read on to learn more about how the public is responding to the ban, and see how you can take action at the links below. -- Global Animal

We Could Watch This Rabbit Eating All Day

(FUNNY PETS/RABBITS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Introducing...Reuben the Rex Rabbit! Watch him as he enjoys his all-time favorite treat, a banana! For more, follow him on Instagram @reubentherex. -- Global Animal

Frenchie Pup Conquers Couch

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) You can do it, girl! It took Frank the French Bulldog four long months to conquer the lounge. Luna, on the other hand, dominates at just 11-weeks-old--Rocky Balboa style! Follow them both on Instagram @ frankandlunafrenchies. -- Global Animal

Kitty Love

(CATS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This cat just loves her daddy! Watch her cuddle up and longingly gaze into his eyes--the definition of true kitty love! For more cuddly cuteness, follow sir_smittenkitten on Instagram! -- Global Animal

Are Chihuahuas More Aggressive Than Pit Bulls?

(PIT BULLS/DOGS) While many stereotype pit bulls as dangerous and aggressive, a new study proves that in many situations, the nation's most feared dog is actually just as docile as other dog breeds. In fact, the research shows out of the 35 most common dog breeds, Chihuahuas are actually the most aggressive. But even so, these tiny dogs peaked at just moderately aggressive to somewhat aggressive, while other dog breeds were seldom to never aggressive. Moral of the story: don't judge a book by its cover! Simply put, you can't tell if a dog is aggressive by his/her appearance, any more than you can by looking at a human. Read on to learn more about the new study and how it applies to breed specific legislation. -- Global Animal

Shark Cat Vs. Shark Baby

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY CATS/PETS) You probably remember Max-Arthur, the cat wearing a shark costume, riding a roomba. Now, we present shark cat versus shark baby! Watch the battle of cuteness unfold in the video clip above! -- Global Animal

What It’s Like Having A Dog

(FUNNY DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy your ice cream cone. But that won't stop this begging dog from getting in the way! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Broccoli-Basil Mac & Cheese

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGETARIAN RECIPES) Hands down, mac and cheese is one of our favorite comfort foods. This broccoli-basil mac and cheese recipe may not be vegan, but it's made from whole wheat bread and is packed with flavor! The cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and basil make this green mac and cheese particularly unique in taste. Substitute with vegan cheese to make this delicious dish 100 percent cruelty-free! As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Lion Family Reunited In Africa

(CIRCUS ANIMALS/LIONS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Leo the lion was rescued by Animal Defenders International (ADI) on the first day of their operation to enforce Peru's newly instated ban on wild animals in circuses. He had all of his canine teeth smashed during his time in the circus and underwent three hours of dental surgery in August to repair the damage. In the video above, Leo--still groggy after dental surgery--stumbles to reach his daughter Africa as she reaches out for him, demonstrating the close familial bonds in lion prides. Take a look! -- Global Animal

When You Thought The Argument Was Over…

(CUTE DOGS/PETS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) In this hilarious video, a dog reenacts that moment when you thought an argument was over, but then you hear them say something under their breath. We know this moment all too well. -- Global Animal