(BIRDS/ANIMAL RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) When a nest of baby crows fell through a tree in one family’s backyard, they did everything they could to put them back safely but to no avail. The loving family couldn’t just leave the baby crows to die, so instead they saved their lives with the help of their veterinarian. The vet took it upon herself to raise the orphaned crows until they would grow strong and mature enough to be released back into the wild. The crows were eventually named Baby Fred, Russell Crow, Adventure Fred, and Crow Magnon. As they got older, the four birds learned to say “hello” and how to become independent. But over time, it was finally time to say goodbye. Eventually they were accepted by a family of wild crows, but every year at least two of the birds return to say hello to the family that saved them–a small way of showing how eternally thankful they are. — Global Animal