(ANIMAL RESCUE/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) William Grabill, a waste management worker, was emptying trash bins one day when we heard the cries of six newborn kittens. Estimated to be between one and two days old at the time, the kittens’ eyes were closed shut and their umbilical cords were still attached. The kittens’ mother may have thought the dumpster was a safe place to keep her babies, but the litter could have been purposefully  thrown away, too. Regardless, they were immediately taken to the Sacramento SPCA and placed into foster care with two staff members who had bottle-feeding experience. Garbage man Grabill recently visited the SSPCA to reunite with the rescued litter. One of the kittens has even been named William in their rescuers’ honor. Watch the heartfelt kitten rescue reunion in the video clip above. — Global Animal