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Monthly Archives: July 2016

French Bulldog Swims In Pool Without Water

(FUNNY DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Like Dory, this French Bulldog just keeps swimming! Watch him doggy-paddle away in an empty kiddie pool. Ignorance is bliss, right? -- Global Animal

Shelter Kittens Born With Dwarfism Find The Best Mom

(CATS/SHELTER PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Elfie and Gimli are cat brothers who were born with dwarfism. The duo were dumped at an animal shelter, but luckily they didn't stay there for long! They were quickly rescued from the shelter, and found themselves the best cat mom. Take a look! -- Global Animal

Pokémon Go Players Looking For Pokémon

(FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO/BIRDS) Doesn't this flamboyance of flamingos remind you of Pokémon Go players on the hunt for Pokémon? It's madness! -- Global Animal

Dog Does Trust Fall

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This is what happens when you say "trust fall" to Watson the Golden Retriever. This dog has complete faith in his guardian and knows that if he falls backwards, Dad will catch him without hesitation. Can you say relationship goals? -- Global Animal

How Removing Palm Oil From Your Life Can Save Orangutans

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/PALM OIL) Meet Chocolate, an orangutan who is a very lucky survivor of illegal wildlife trading.But how long will his luck continue after being set free? Borneo and Sumatra are the only two countries home to endangered orangutans. Unfortunately, these intelligent and human-like animals may be gone forever because of the palm oil industry. Palm oil plantations have taken over 30 million acres of rain forests, destroying orangutans’ homes and causing catastrophic changes to the environment. What can we do to save these defenseless animals? Read on to find out. -- Global Animal

Baby Is Leader Of The Pug Puppy Pack

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) There's no doubting this 15-month-old baby boy named Louie is the leader of his family pack of 7-week-old pug puppies. You can see their adventures on Instagram @pugsnkisses84. -- Global Animal

And Away We Go!

(DOGS/PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This little English Bulldog puppy knows exactly when it's time go! When Lola wasn't able to keep up on long walks, she decided her puppy carrier would be the best way to travel. Watch her hop in her little bag, and she's ready to go! -- Global Animal

Air-Swimmer Pup

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/DOGS/PUPPIES) Mimmi the long-haired Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix is an expert air-swimmer, but she certainly isn't the first! Watch her go! -- Global Animal

Frenchie Puppy Has Her Very Own Rescue Pig

(PIGS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Adorable animal friendships never get old! Take a look at this heartwarming example in the video clip above. Keeva the French Bulldog puppy was adopted to be a friend for Piper the pig, but it wasn't exactly love at first sight. Now, a few months later, Keeva's family adopted a little piglet named Peanut, who was rescued from life in a tiny cage where he was being raised for slaughter. Peanut immediately loved everything about his new home--particularly his new little Frenchie friend! From the moment Peanut and Keeva met, they became the best of friends. Take a look! -- Global Animal

Grabbing Food & Running Back To Bed Like…

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY DOGS) Some days you just want to grab your food and run straight back to bed! Take it from this Corgi pup--he knows what's up! -- Global Animal

Introducing Poképug!

(FUNNY PETS/DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Introducing...Poképug! If Doug the Pug were a Pokémon, we would most definitely choose him! -- Global Animal

Deaf Girl Uses Sign Language To Talk To Her Pit Bull

(DOGS/PIT BULLS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This little girl is deaf, but that doesn't stop her from talking to her beloved pet pit bull! Watch as she uses her hands to communicate with her dog--too sweet for words! -- Global Animal

PU: How To Stop Fido’s Farting

(PET CARE/DOGS) Trying to stop the males in your home from farting in the presence of dinner guests? Why not turn your dog into the most classy male in the home? Read on to learn about three strategies to help stop Fido's bloating and gas problems. — Global Animal

Grumpy Dog Doesn’t Like His Happy Mask

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) By using a simple forced perspective trick, this clever dog mom made a small mask of the "happy" version of her French Bulldog's face. Watch her reveal the real face behind the mask. He doesn't look too impressed. -- Global Animal