(DOGS/PIT BULLS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Meet Rudy. In November 2014, Rudy was abandoned in a plastic container on the streets of New York City. He was rescued by Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (S.N.A.R.R.) in 2015 after someone found him in critical condition, emaciated with a broken leg and severe burns all over his skin.

“He was absolutely one of the most broken and heartwrenching cases I have ever dealt with,” S.N.A.R.R. director Courtney Bellew said. 

After his rescue, he was placed into a foster home where he was given plenty of TLC. For several months, his foster family painstakingly treated his damaged skin, fractured leg, and the Cushing’s disease he was also suffering from. In the video above, the family give him a relaxing medicinal bath, aimed to help his skin recover. But unfortunately, all of their kindness and care was not enough to save him, and Rudy passed away just four months after this video was taken.

“Although I’m very grateful that we were able to give him the time that we did as a spoiled and loved boy, I only wish it could have been many more years,” Bellew said.

“He broke my heart,” she continued. “His foster family felt the same way and they did absolutely everything to try and save Rudy until the very end.”

While this story may not have a happy ending, the family’s efforts were not in vain. We hope this story inspires others to practice kindness and compassion towards animals, and perhaps even consider fostering an animal in need. You could change an animal’s life forever! — Global Animal