(TIGERS/ANIMAL RESCUE/ANIMAL VIDEO) In the video above, witness the remarkable story of Hoover the tiger. Hoover was saved by Animal Defenders International (ADI) from a Peruvian circus, where undercover footage reveals him being trained with whips and living in a small cage. Sick and emaciated, Hoover was the sole survivor of a group of 12 tigers originally owned by the circus until Peru’s wildlife department, SERFOR, police, and ADI rescued him during a mission to enforce Peru’s ban on wild animals in circuses. The circus attempted to evade the new law by disappearing into the mountains for eight months, but they were eventually tracked down and in a surprise raid, Hoover was saved. He was promptly transferred to the Spirit of Freedom rescue center in Lima and after extensive rehabilitation, he eventually recovered and thrived. He now lives out his days in a natural woodland with his own pool among other rescued tigers at Big Cat Rescue in Florida. — Global Animal