(SERCVICE DOGS/PETS) Have you ever wondered what your furry friend is trying to say? With the FIDO Project (Facilitating Interactions For Dogs With Occupations), a group from Georgia Tech has developed wearable computer vests for service dogs to aid in communication.

For instance, if a service dog senses a blood sugar drop in his/her companion, he/she could warn them by pulling a lever. Or in the event of an emergency, the service animal could touch a sensor on the vest and a GPS tracking signal would go off. Any trainable animal can learn to utilize the computer vests, which could change the lives of many.

View the video clip below and meet Sky, the first of many service dogs trained using this technology. — Global Animal

More CNN: http://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2016/05/18/if-dogs-could-talk-georgia-tech-mobile-orig-mss.cnn

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