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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Justice For Harambe: “Zoos Aren’t Your Babysitter”

(ZOOS/ANIMAL NEWS) The public is still very outraged after Cincinnati zookeepers shot and killed a western lowland gorilla named Harambe to protect a boy who had fallen into the animal's enclosure over the weekend. Despite the fact that the zoo's director acknowledged the gorilla was not attacking the boy, the zoo made a last-resort decision to shoot the animal, fearing the tranquilizer wouldn't work fast enough and would further endanger the child. The incident has sparked widespread debate over whether the zoo made the right decision, with many pointing the blame at the boy's mother. And while some are accusing the mother of neglectful parenting, others are criticizing the zoo for constructing a barrier that wasn't child-proof. This horrifying event is further proof that zoos are incapable of meeting these magnificent animals' complex needs. It also serves as a reminder to consider the suffering these animals endure for just a few minutes of family entertainment. Read on to learn more about the public's response, and share your thoughts on the incident in the comments below. -- Global Animal

Pit Bull & Baby Cuddle Up

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/DOGS/PIT BULLS) Pit bulls certainly get a bad rap, but this adorable video is sure to prove naysayers wrong. - Global Animal

Four-Legged Therapists Help Heal War Wounds

(MEMORIAL DAY/THERAPY ANIMALS) We at Global Animal believe that we rescue an animal and in turn, they rescue us from disconnection. To that end, there's an organization saving one dog at a time and, in the process, helping soldiers traumatized by war. To all our dedicated soldiers on this Memorial Day. May the sacrifices of the dead nor the living combatants be forgotten. — Global Animal

Megan’s Meat-Free Monday: Memorial Day BBQ Recipes

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Memorial day is time to kick off the summer! And what better way to kick off summer than with a BBQ? This weeks Meat-Free Challenge is all about grilling! Grilled asparagus with paprika, grilled corn salad, and Portobello mushroom burgers! Get outside and fire up that grill. -- Global Animal

Dog Rides Scooter

(DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEO) That is one very talented Boston Terrier! Watch this dog ride a scooter like there's no tomorrow! -- Global Animal

Raccoon Thinks Kitten Is His Teddy Bear

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Raccoons aren't typically known to be the nicest animals around, but the video above proves the stigma wrong. Watch this raccoon snuggle up with his kitten friend. -- Global Animal

Chained Dog Reunites With Best Friend After Years Apart

(ANIMAL RESCUE/DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) This sweet Chow named Edith was chained outside to a barrel in a patch of dirt for nearly a decade. Over the years, Jes and PETA's other fieldworkers provided Edith with a doghouse, treats, fresh food, clean water, toys, and some much-needed love and affection. But when Edith suddenly disappeared, Jes wasn't sure if she would ever see her again. Thankfully, this story has a very happy ending. Watch their reunion in the heartwarming video above. -- Global Animal

Cat Latches Onto Dad’s Back

(CATS/KITTENS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This cat is a stage five clinger! Watch as he clings onto the back of his dad's t-shirt like he's holding on for dear life. What loyalty! -- Global Animal

Warning! Watch Out For This Mysterious Dog Illness

(DOGS/PET CARE) One dog's mysterious illness almost resulted in euthanization, but luckily a sharp-eyed veterinary intern found the culprit, ultimately saving the dog's life. Ollie the Collie's originally un-diagnosed ailment almost completely paralyzed the pup, leaving him unable to eat or go to the bathroom on his own. After running a full range of tests, vets were still unable to find a reason for Ollie's diminishing health, leaving his caretakers with the difficult decision of putting their beloved pet down. Upon preparing for the procedure, intern Neena Golden discovered a large tick behind the dog's ear, which was causing tick paralysis. This condition occurs when the tick's saliva secretes into the dog's system over a prolonged period of time. Once the tick was removed, Ollie was back to his old self within just 10 hours. This sigh of relief serves as a prudent reminder to regularly check your pets for ticks. While there are collars, topical treatments, and oral tick preventatives, no one product or method is 100 percent effective. Read on for more on Ollie's turn of fate, and click here for more tips on tick prevention and control. -- Global Animal

Baby Sees A Cat For The Very First TIme

(BABIES & PETS/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This baby simply cannot contain her excitement upon seeing a cat for the very first time. Can you blame her? -- Global Animal

Tortoise Gets Prosthetic Shell After Surviving Forest Fire

(ANIMAL VIDEO/TURTLES/TORTOISES) Freddy the female tortoise lost 85 percent of her shell in a devastating forest fire. She not only survived the blaze, but she also made it through two bouts of pneumonia and not eating for 45 days. Luckily with the help of veterinarians, 3D designers, and a local artist, Freddy was able to receive a hand-painted, 3D-printed replacement--the world's first 3D-printed tortoise shell! -- Global Animal

Technology At Its Finest: Helping Our Two-Legged Friends

(SERCVICE DOGS/PETS) Have you ever wondered what your furry friend is trying to say? With the FIDO Project (Facilitating Interactions For Dogs With Occupations), a group from Georgia Tech has developed wearable computer vests for service dogs to aid in communication. For instance, if a service dog senses a blood sugar drop in his/her companion, he/she could warn them by pulling a lever. Or in the event of an emergency, the service animal could touch a sensor on the vest and a GPS tracking signal would go off. Any trainable animal can learn to utilize the computer vests, which could change the lives of many. View the video clip below and meet Sky, the first of many service dogs trained using this technology. -- Global Animal

Bulldog Checks Out The Waves

(BULLDOGS/FAVORITE ANIMAL VIDEO) Gordo the bulldog cruises down to the beach to check out the California waves--just in time for Memorial Day weekend! -- Global Animal

Frenchie Puppies Running In Slowmo

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS/FRENCH BULLDOGS/PUPPIES) These French Bulldog puppies running in slow motion are the best thing we've seen all week! Don't you agree? -- Global Animal