Baby Animals From Around The World (GALLERY)

(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) Check out this fantastic collection of photos showing new members of the animal kingdom from all around the world! — Global Animal

An anteater carries her baby at Rio de Janeiro’s zoo. The baby anteater was the first of its species to be born in captivity at the zoo. According to biologists, the anteater is at risk of extinction.

This long-tailed macaque baby was also the first of its species, which is similarly at risk of extinction, to be born at the Rio de Janeiro zoo.

A sacred ibis baby cries out to be fed by its mother at the Rio de Janeiro zoo.

A capybara, the world’s largest rodent, was born in captivity at the Santa Fe Zoo in Colombia.

A Danta also born in captivity at the Santa Fe Zoo rests alongside its mother.

This baby elephant was first thought to be dead inside its mother’s womb, but it surprised everyone when it was delivered alive Wednesday morning at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The Asian elephant calf is reportedly gaining strength.

A newborn giraffe nuzzles its mother at the Budapest Zoo and Botanic Garden in Hungary.

A baby llama and its mother share a moment at the Santa Fe Zoo.